Global Excellence 2019

106 Acquisition International - Global Excellence 2019 6 Acquisition International - Issue 5 2019 Apr19012 Intengine’s role is to help bridge the gap between shared social and environmental objectives, and the means and knowledge required to achieve their fulfilment. Recently, the firm found success in AI’s Global Excellence Awards where they were righteously awarded the accolade Most Outstanding Platform for Sustainable & Eco- Friendly Business – 2019. On the back of this win, we profile the firm and caught up with Founder, CEO & Director, Connie Linder who provided us with a detailed insight into the innerworkings of the successful business. ince their inception the team at Intengine have accumulated the world’s most comprehensive database for healthier living, connecting conscious purchasers with environmentally and socially responsible businesses in their communities and around the world. Going into further detail, Connie begins by informing us of the areas the team at Intengine specialize within, highlighting in particular how the company is more than just a database. “Intengine is here to support your pursuit of social and/or environmental responsibility regardless of your background. We have one of the world’s largest database of social and environmental certifications and accreditations to give you amore balanced story, so you can understand not just who claims to offer sustainable products and services, but what these companies are actually doing to make a difference. “We are more than a database, we are instigating the “How” movement. Solving, or even mitigating, the complex social and environmental issues we now face requires the cooperation of all sectors, stakeholders, and administrative bodies. Intengine’s platform provides an arena for constructive conversations and feedback between the informed and the seeking, all of whom are working towards a transformed marketplace.” Providing a Positive Change S “Ensuring that we attract the right talent with synergistic personalities that work together can at times be challenging, however the result is a cohesive team with a shared vision for the future, and that is when you truly thrive.” Over the years, Intengine’s database has grown rapidly and continues to do so with 100-200 listings being added daily through 100% organic means. In addition to this, the firm have businesses and organizations which are signing up from all over the world that hear about Intengine through word-of-mouth or from the recognition received by other influence. Providing the firm with the capabilities to deliver such an exceptional level of service is the passionate, experienced, hardworking and committed team which forms the backbone of Intengine. Keen to highlight the internal culture, Connie details the significant role the Company: Intengine Web Address: Apr19012