Global CFO Excellence Awards 2023

Global CFO Excellence awards 2023 • Global CFO Excellence Awards 2023 Taking up the mantle of Chief Financial Officer is a staggering achievement in itself, but it takes a certain kind of person to elevate the position beyond its already crucial role. Hussam Alnouri, CFO of MBC GROUP is one such person, and it’s his passion and overwhelming dedication to the role that has allowed him to expertly govern the leading media organisation’s finance function. Best Broadcast Media CFO 2023 (Middle East): Hussam Alnouri

2 Acquisition International - Global CFO Excellence Awards 2023 Acquisition International - Issue 5 2023 15 Located throughout the USA, DaBella is the recognised leader in home improvement services, providing clients with high-quality roofing, siding, windows, and baths. As a result of its excellent services and impressive portfolio of customer testimony, DaBella is proud to have been awarded Best Residential Construction and Home Improvement Services Firm, West USA, in the Global Excellence Awards 2023. Here, we take a look at the company’s background and the outstanding services it provides. Mar23566 he home is a place where people find comfort and shelter, raise their families, and build lifelong memories. DaBella understands that people spend a large proportion of their lives at home, so any investment they make in their home environment is incredibly important. This is why it treats every home it works on with the utmost care. Utilising factory-trained installers, American-made products, and industry-leading warrantees, DaBella ensures quality for a lifetime. While many businesses in the home improvement industry are driven by desire to make money, the story of DaBella’s establishment is much different. It started with a motivated young family working in the industry who began to envision a different kind of home services company. Their goal was not just to create a business and make a living. Instead, they wanted to create an extended family that welcomed employees, suppliers, and customers alike. When the company was founded, the family had recently been blessed with twins, who they named David and Isabella. They decided to name the company “DaBella”, a combination of the twins’ names. However, DaBella is so much more than a name. It is truly synonymous with “family” – it serves as a second family for employees and works for families to help them improve their homes. DaBella has always strived to include its customers in this sense of family. Customers are at the heart of the business, which is why it delivers attentive and informative service from start to finish. The process begins with a quick consultation by email or by phone. Through this, the company offers clients the opportunity to discuss their needs and ask any questions they have at a convenient time. DaBella encourages clients to thoroughly consider whether the company is a good fit for the project. There is never any pressure or commitment to buy with DaBella. If the client wishes to proceed, DaBella will then arrange a visit to their home to take measurements and promptly offer a free quote. From product styles and colours to financing, DaBella’s team will sit down with clients and walk them through all their options. Clients are welcome to ask any more questions that may arise. This enables them to seek all the information they need in order to make an informed decision. When they work with DaBella, clients receive the option to take advantage of the company’s financing options. Regardless of project size and the client’s credit history, DaBella will work with them to arrange an affordable plan. The company believes that everyone deserves the opportunity to create their dream home, so it maintains longstanding relationships with its financing partners to facilitate this. T DaBella - Quality Begins at Home At the installation stage, DaBella strives to achieve its clients’ dreams. The company’s factory-trained installers can be trusted to get the job done right. If clients have any questions during the process, they are invited to call one of the offices to discuss their enquiries. No matter the subject, DaBella will always be more than happy to help. As a result of its excellent customer service and high-quality products, DaBella has been awarded a number of elite industry awards and certificates and has received a plethora of positive reviews from customers on Google. Customer testimony frequently refers to the professional, polite, and knowledgeable nature of the DaBella team, as well as their dedication to answering enquiries. Furthermore, customers are impressed by the fact that there was no pressure to buy at any point, instead the team worked to be informative without a forceful sales pitch. They also express satisfaction with the smooth installation process and the quality of the products they received. With an impressive portfolio of recognition and reviews, it is no surprise that DaBella has won Best Residential Construction and Home Improvement Services Firm, West USA, in the Global Excellence Awards 2023. The company has experienced impressive growth over the years and has recently opened its 42nd location in Fort Worth, Texas. Moving forward, the company continues to expand, striving to transform home improvement services in America. Contact: Courtney Bookman Company: DaBella Web Address: It started with a motivated young family working in the industry who began to envision a different kind of home services company. Their goal was not just to create a business and make a living. Instead, they wanted to create an extended family that welcomed employees, suppliers, and customers alike. Join 85,000 Readers in Over 170 Countries Subscribe:

Acquisition International - Global CFO Excellence Awards 2023 3 About the Global CFO Excellence Awards 2023 Acquisition International is happy to announce the Global CFO Excellence Awards are returning for the sixth consecutive year! Over the past six years, the Global CFO Excellence Awards have shined a light on the best CFOs in business. From a start-up, a SME or large conglomerate, the Global CFO Excellence Awards have been able to fairly assess, analyse and reward the best of the best. Acquisition International is therefore thrilled to announce this highly successful awards programme is returning. The Global CFO Excellence Awards honour pioneering CFOs who go above the call of duty and demonstrate unmatched levels of innovation and determination. Constantly assessing market and consumer trends, it is the role of the CFO to shape future business decisions. For this reason, we at Acquisition International have chosen to celebrate these individuals. In industries where CFOs can be overlooked, we have chosen to highlight and congratulate the hard work that is undertaken by the most outstanding CFOs. Sofi Parry- Senior Editor Contents 4 MBC GROUP: Best Broadcast Media CFO 2023 (Middle East): Hussam Alnouri 6 The Immigrant Education Society (TIES): Most Dedicated Immigrant Serving Non-Profit CFO 2023: Wei Dang 8 Misfits Gaming Group: Esports CFO of the Year 2023: Faizaan Baig 10 Holman Webb Lawyers: Best Equal Opportunity Advocacy CFO 2023 (Australia): Magdalena Kosior-Molloy 12 Spitfire Strategies: Most Dedicated Public Relations CFO 2023 (National Capital Region USA): Nike Ajao 14 Genuine Comfort: Best HVAC Equipment Wholesale CFO 2023 (Canada): Tyson Morris 15 CARR Biosystems: Best Life Sciences Equipment Manufacturing CFO 2023: Tatyana Nelson 16 Brink’s France: Financial Services CFO of the Year 2023: Brice Guiochon No information contained on or in this website constitutes investment advice or an offer to invest or to provide management services and is subject to correction, completion and amendment without notice. Neither AI nor any of its associated entities are authorised to give financial advice of any nature nor are they regulated by the Financial Services Authority. Prior to making any investment, AI recommends that any prospective investor should consult with its own investment, accounting, legal and tax advisers to evaluate independently the risks, consequences and suitability of that investment. AI Global Media, Ltd. (AI) takes reasonable measures to ensure the quality of the information on this web site. However, AI will not assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, correctness or completeness of any information that is available through this web site. If errors are brought to our attention, we will try to correct them. The information available through the website and our partner publications is for your general information and use and is not intended to address any particular finance or investment requirements. In particular, the information does not constitute any form of advice or recommendation by us or any of our partner publications and is not intended to be relied upon by users in making or refraining from making any investment or financial decisions. Appropriate independent advice should be obtained before making any such decision. Any arrangement made between you and any third party named in the site is at your sole risk and responsibility. 17 Vicarious PR: Best Gaming PR & Marketing CFO 2023 (California): Jorge A Gaspar 18 Andromeda Capital Management (UK) LLP: Most Influential Investment Management CFO 2023 (UK): Nimika Karadia 19 Kushner: Real Estate Development CFO 2023 (USA): Jennifer McLean 20 JS Auto Cast Foundry India P Ltd: Industry & Manufacturing CFO of the Year 2023 (India): Madhan Mohan 21 Trident Maritime Systems: Defence & Space Manufacturing CFO of the Year 2023: David Hyde 22 Home Healthcare CFO of the Year 2023 (UK): Simon Walters 23 Quickplay: OTT Video Platform CFO of the Year 2023: Tim Alavathil 24 Petra Custom Builders: Best Construction Company CFO (Western USA): Ryan Richards Editorial Team Design Team Sofi Parry- Senior Editor Rebecca Scotland- Editor Alejandra Garcia- Writer Izzy Mifsud- Writer Emily Godbold- Writer Michelle Stozykowski- Writer Daniela Levinte- Graphic Designer Lauren Baldwin- Graphic Designer

4 Acquisition International - Global CFO Excellence Awards 2023 Jun23182 Best Broadcast Media CFO 2023 (Middle East): Hussam Alnouri Taking up the mantle of Chief Financial Officer is a staggering achievement in itself, but it takes a certain kind of person to elevate the position beyond its already crucial role. Hussam Alnouri, CFO of MBC GROUP is one such person, and it’s his passion and overwhelming dedication to the role that has allowed him to expertly govern the leading media organisation’s finance function. s someone who has always had a love for numbers and analytics that ran deeper than the surface-level understanding most of us have, Hussam quickly realised where his expertise was best suited and joined the finance and accounting sphere. Working as a banker whilst pursuing his degree, he was able to garner a solid understanding of the internal operations that partnered finances, which ultimately led to his rapid growth within the industry. However, it wasn’t until 2002 that he joined MBC GROUP as a Finance Manager. Following the completion of his executive banking studies at Bankakademie International and Commerzbank AG, Hussam took his career to new heights. Although he initially started as a Finance Manager at MBC GROUP, his remarkable drive and passion for his work propelled him forward. In 2018, Hussam was appointed as the group’s Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Through his current role, Hussam is able to apply his wealth of knowledge and experience not only to manage MBC GROUP’s finance function, but to spearhead it completely. From organising to overseeing the organisation’s financial activities, Hussam applies his diverse understanding of the finance and accounting sphere in order to serve as the Group’s financial backbone. Additionally, as a result of MBC GROUP’s incredibly impressive reach, Hussam consistently brings an undeniable professionalism to the role that allows him to coordinate the financial positions of several companies and joint ventures spanning a wide variety of countries. As the leading media organisation in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), MBC GROUP encompasses a range of business streams, including linear TV, radio, an OTT platform in the form of Shahid, social media, original TV productions, music production and publishing, gaming, and events. Its catalogue is so incredibly varied, meaning it takes a truly skilled individual to pilot its financial function. But how does Hussam accomplish this monumental feat? When we discussed with Hussam how he effectively manages the responsibilities of his CFO position, he expressed his strategy of securing a robust financial position for the company. Partner this with his dedication towards achieving sustainable top-line growth, continuously optimising margins, implementing proactive tax planning, and efficiently managing cash flow, and you’ve got a man whose prowess truly matches his passion. A In addition to his impressive array of highly developed skills, Hussam also possesses a unique understanding of the industry that only serves to enhance his professionalism. He recognises that, like the industry as a whole, it is a CFO’s responsibility to have a firm grasp on adaptations and evolutions as they occur. Whether it’s fluctuating indexes, recessions, or political instability, a CFO should be able to remain agile to keep up with the trends. By adopting this mindset, Hussam has secured a steadfast position within the industry that prepares him for anything that comes his way. This, partnered with his unique leadership style, makes for an incredibly successful financial department that’s able to help MBC GROUP truly shine. When explaining his approach to managing his team, Hussam emphasises the importance of establishing clear expectations. He recognises the importance of each employee being aware of their career objectives, but places even greater importance on fostering a unified focus to encourage strength among co-workers. Stepping outside of one’s comfort zone often heralds a plethora of results, and Hussam leads the way in promoting this message to his team. Following the belief that success is an ever-evolving term that keeps moving with the progression of the industry, Hussam commits himself to continuously raising his personal bar in order to keep learning. Despite his current position, he has numerous aspirations he actively pursues, and sees it as incredibly beneficial to constantly outdo your best in order to become the penultimate version of yourself. Hussam’s statement encapsulates this mindset best when he states: “Holding the position of CFO is not enough; today’s CFOs should embrace the concept of being ‘learning CFOs’. This means constantly evolving and upgrading your skillset and knowledge. By continually developing ourselves, we are better equipped to drive growth and progress within our organisations. Never stop learning!” This piece of crucial advice cements Hussam’s inspirational mindset, clearly defining his approach to personal advancement. Hussam stands out as a unique individual in the financial sphere. His rapid progress stems from his unwavering determination, and yet he seeks to uplift those around him through the skills that he’s accumulated throughout his many years of dedicated learning. He expresses how a winning mindset is what drives the industry forward, and this perspective is shared by the entire MBC GROUP community.

Acquisition International - Global CFO Excellence Awards 2023 5 As time progresses, so do the requirements of financial departments. It’s no longer reserved solely for back-end reporting – CFOs and financial operators now have the ability to actively collaborate with business partners across various lines of business. This culminates in these individuals becoming invaluable assets to any team. As a CFO, Hussam encourages mutual respect through partnership, empowerment, and trust, and it’s this approach towards his role that truly distinguishes him as an outstanding expert in his field. We’re proud to award Hussam with the title of Best Broadcast Media CFO 2023 (Middle East). There is nobody more deserving of this accolade than he is. And, given his determination to continuously excel and enhance his skills beyond what is already impressive, we are confident that the future is bright for this inspirational CFO. Company: MBC GROUP Web Address:

6 Acquisition International - Global CFO Excellence Awards 2023 May23605 Most Dedicated Immigrant Serving Non-Profit CFO 2023: Wei Dang Since 1988, the team at The Immigrant Education Society (TIES) has played an important role in serving the needs of newcomers and low-income Calgarians. Aimed at immigrants and economically disadvantaged individuals, this community project has had extraordinary impact. In the Global CFO Excellence Awards 2023, the organisation’s CFO Wei Dang was recognised for sterling work in the industry. We caught up with him to find out more. oving to a new place is no easy task, with the challenges of language and culture and community often being hard to handle. Those without a solid foundation can easily flounder through no fault of their own, and this uncertainty can have a detrimental impact not only on the individual, but the community at large. TIES was founded to support people through periods of immense change, providing a sense of belonging. Someone who knows the importance of this better than most is CFO Wei Dang. Wei joined TIES in 2015, following a career of accounting at various organisations including global Big 4 firms and local establishments. Having worked for non-profit organisations (NFPOs) as a client, joining TIES saw him venture into internal management for the first time. Now, instead of acting as an outside agent, he would have oversight over the major expansion of what the team does. Just eight years after joining the firm, Wei has fiscal responsibility for more than 200 employees, 200+ volunteers, and more than 40 programs funded by nearly 20 sources with an operating budget that easily exceeds $12M, more than tripled than 2015. It’s a unique challenge within the industry, but one which Wei has thrived on. “Thanks to TIES’ growth, I have had the opportunity to advance within the organization,” he tells us. “Starting as the Finance Manager in 2015, I was promoted to Manager of Finance and Operations in 2016. By the end of 2017, I became the CFO.” Wei’s addition to the team was related to the passing of the organisation’s founder in 2014. There was a need for TIES to adapt to ensure it could survive such a turbulent time. Back then, TIES had a small, but stable financial structure. It was, however, a structure which could not keep up with the rapidly changing pace of the modern world. “We actively pursued new programs and projects,” Wei explains. Of course, such a path brings its own problems. There’s little surprise that the simple structures that had supported the organisation since 1988 were unfit for purpose with a more ambitious team in 2015. “Each funder and program has unique budget guidelines, reporting templates, and expenditure classifications,” Wei tells us. “This complexity requires our finance team to be well-versed in these guidelines. Furthermore, cost allocation becomes intricate as projects start and end throughout the year, leading to higher training and potential turnover costs.” Managing the various timings of these M projects is an area where Wei has thrived, pushing TIES forward into a bold new future. “In the previous fiscal year alone, our finance team prepared over 200 new or amended budgets and revised forecasts for internal and external stakeholders,” Wei explains. “That’s an astounding 4000% increase compared to 2015.” The various funding solutions that the team has turned to have been restricted to specific projects and programs, while support for administrative purposes and technology development is limited and stringent. To overcome these challenges, the team have been inspired by the CEO’s Adjusted Wooden Bucket Theory. “By tilting the bucket, allowing the long board side to block the water, we can immediately contain more,” Wei explains. “This approach helps us play to our strengths, maximize resources, and reduce the impact of our limitations.” The finance team demonstrates this through hiring staff directly from the various training programs run by the team. Since 2015, TIES’ finance team has expanded from two to six members, and are now able to maintain a variance of less than 0.1% in major program budget, which account for 90% of the firm’s total budget. Having hired the staff, the TIES team has also had to find a way of securing job stability. With projects getting funding as opposed to the organisation as a whole, short-term part-time positions have long been the norm. As such, the finance team has undertaken the effort to consolidate these various positions into full-time roles with benefits. While this sounds straightforward, it has actually involved tackling the challenges associated with the varied start and end dates, differing hours and pay rates, and diverse funding restrictions associated with each project. To meet all the conditions required, the complexity of the finance team’s work has significantly increased. The results, however, meet the needs of TIES better than before, and provides stability for an incredibly strong team. The future of TIES, therefore, is one which looks immensely bright. The organisation is now suitably structured so that the team can focus on what they do best – helping other people. As such, TIES has grown beyond the core services of language and employment training. “We have established a Research Centre and successfully completed over 20 research projects in collaboration with partners from Canada, the United States, and Europe,” says Wei with pride. “Additionally, TIES has established a Mental Health team

Acquisition International - Global CFO Excellence Awards 2023 7 and currently manages ten projects in this area. Furthermore, anticipating the future of learning, TIES has invested in e-Learning for over a decade, well before the COVID-19 pandemic necessitated a shift to online services. Today, TIES offers 14 programs in an online, hybrid, or blended format and sets its sights on expanding nationally.” The COVID-19 pandemic forced many changes to how the team worked, with the finance team forced to move to remote working while not having any delay in their administrative support. A robust meeting structure, along with effective task management processes ensured that timelines were maintained alongside the high quality of the team’s work. TIES played a crucial role during the initial stages of the pandemic, helping to bridge the gap between language and culture in the northeastern part of the city. The results speak for themselves, with many newcomers made familiar with crucial selfprotection measures, reducing both physical and mental health risks. The role that Wei Dang plays is significant, but no one knows this better than him. “During my time at the University of Ottawa, I wrote a major research paper in Economics examining the impact of immigration policies on social welfare,” he says with a smile. “This experience made me acutely aware of the vital role immigrants play in Canada.” Joining TIES is the result of this in-depth knowledge, but it is knowledge that not everyone knows. “Immigrant Service Providers often rank low on donors’ preference lists,” he admits sadly. Wei, however, is a success story in this regard, having come to Calgary and made his name here. While many would be satisfied with this, Wei stands apart by determinedly helping others to climb the ladder too. “When I first arrived in Calgary, I received thousands of dollars in financial support for my studies during the initial two years,” he says. “My goal is to repay this generosity through donations and taxes at least a hundredfold. TIES and I share the vision of educating all immigrants, fostering self-reliance, and cultivating a sense of pride in studying hard, working diligently, and contributing to the country that welcomes and needs us.” We can’t think of any nobler goal. Organization: The Immigrant Education Society (TIES) Name: Wei Dang, CPA, CGA, MA Web Address:

8 Acquisition International - Global CFO Excellence Awards 2023 May23345 Esports CFO of the Year 2023: Faizaan Baig Founded in 2016, Misfits Gaming Group is an interactive entertainment and lifestyle company working to empower its network of world-class content creators to achieve their goals and visions. The company is positioned at the intersection of gaming, media, and culture, with popular social channels, an innovative gaming studio, and competitive esports teams. Here, we speak to Faizaan I. Baig, Misfits’ outstanding Chief Financial Officer, about the company and his role. Following its establishment in 2016, Misfits initially grew into a recognised North American Esports brand, fielding teams in popular games such as League of Legends, Call of Duty, and Overwatch. By 2020, the brand had become an Esports powerhouse. However, it has recently pivoted to position itself as an interactive entertainment company with a primary focus on gaming and user-generated, supported by a well-oiled Esports distribution funnel. To accomplish this, Misfits has been working to align itself with top creators and influencers since 2021. In 2022, it made the bold decision to sell its League of Legends franchise to instead invest in creatorbacked gaming and metaverse ventures, including a monetised Minecraft server and a Roblox focused game development studio. Whilst it still fields teams in leagues such as Call of Duty, Overwatch, Valorant and Rocket League, Misfits has largely turned its primary focus away from the Esports landscape. Earlier this year, well-known influencer Karl Jacobs joined Misfits as Creative Director, and streamer AustinShow joined as Content Creator & Executive Producer. These additions to the company have further solidified its decision to enter the content creation space. Misfits has also switched up its branding to feature a more colourful visual style, having redesigned its mascot, the iconic Misfits bunny, for its new logo. This visual refresh includes an updated website and a revamped merchandise store, reflecting its new vibrant style. Misfits’ leadership team are at the forefront of this huge transition. In January 2022, Faizaan Baig, an experienced finance professional, joined Misfits to fill the role of Chief Financial Officer. Prior to this, he was an Investment Banker at Deutsche Bank, where he oversaw the Interactive Entertainment Advisory Group, and as part of that advised clients in the sector on both strategic and capital raising transactions; Misfits was one of his clients. After Misfits last successful capital raise, which was sourced and executed by Faizaan, Ben Spoont, Founder & CEO of Misfits, asked Faizaan to join the company as it entered its next stage of growth and needed the financial and strategic acumen of an Investment Banker to help the company navigate this new frontier. “The value proposition seemed extremely interesting to me, so I decided to leave investment banking and come in-house,” he explains. As CFO at Misfits, Faizaan is responsible for managing the financial actions, goals, objectives, and budgets of the company as it undergoes significant organisational and brand changes. Whilst the fundamentals of “Esports-as-a-business” remain strong, many avenues of monetisation have been pushed out due to a softening demand for media rights, meaning that it has been a financially challenging time for Esports organisations over the last few years. This is why Misfits has been looking to grow in new directions. On this, Faizaan comments, “As we morph into a new company (with the same DNA) it is very important to stay on track with our 3-year strategy and to not let “outside noise” distract us from what we are meant to accomplish.” Heading the financial department at Misfits, Faizaan works hard to stay true to his beliefs as he leads his team to achieve the company’s vision. “I do not believe in micro-managing. but I am a stickler for details,” he shares. “I believe that everything should be laid out in a strategy document with a clear runway or roadmap laid out along with the milestones and KPIs that need to be hit. This ensures everyone is working towards the same goal.” When asked what advice he would give to an aspiring CFO, Faizaan says, “Numbers do not lie! It is very important to have a full understanding of the operating and financial performance of the company. This will ensure that you will give the best advice to the CEO and to the Board.” As a result of his accomplishments in the role of CFO at Misfits Gaming Group, Faizaan I. Baig has been awarded Esports CFO of the Year in the Global CFO Excellence Awards 2023. This year, Misfits’ transition into an interactive entertainment company is officially complete. The company is looking forward to the next chapter of its story, especially as it seeks acquisitions to bolster its organic growth. Misfits plans to have a liquidation event in the next three to five years, so there is a lot of ground it needs to cover to accomplish this goal. With regards to his own career, Faizaan aims to continue to build the finance and accounting department at Misfits, especially as the business scales and expands into new adjacencies. Moving forwards, he would also like to be more active in the Miami technology ecosystem by serving as a mentor and a resource for young founders . In his free time, Faizaan works with charities to support causes he is passionate about. He tells us, “My wife and I are huge dog lovers and have four fur babies at home. We do a lot of work with local animal rescues and encourage everyone to donate to their local animal charities – every dollar counts!”

Acquisition International - Global CFO Excellence Awards 2023 9 Contact: Faizaan I. Baig Company: Misfits Gaming Group Web Address:

10 Acquisition International - Global CFO Excellence Awards 2023 May23318 Best Equal Opportunity Advocacy CFO 2023 (Australia): Magdalena Kosior-Molloy Established in 1960, Holman Webb is an award-winning full-service law firm that provides insightful advice to clients in a variety of industries. The firm’s highly accomplished COO and CFO, Magdalena Kosior-Molloy, has over 15 years of financial management experience and is recognised for her thought leadership and wise counsel. Here, we discuss Holman Webb’s services, its commitment to diversity, and Magdalena’s role in championing equal opportunity in the workplace. ith offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide, Holman Webb is a dedicated commercial and insurance law firm with a comprehensive portfolio of specialist practice areas, ranging from estate planning to dispute resolution to food law. The firm’s practice groups consist of partner-led teams of experienced professionals who are accessible, available, and responsive, providing advice that is both insightful and commercial. In everything it does, Holman Webb works towards the achievement of its mission, which is to be regarded by its clients and colleagues as a trusted provider of specialist legal services. Its overarching vision is to become the law firm of choice for corporate and commercial advice and transactions, resolving commercial disputes, and defending insurance claims. Holman Webb is dedicated to achieving effective results for all its clients. It believes that this must always begin with a commitment to understanding the client’s business and their specific needs. To position its services above the rest, the firm is proud to offer excellence in several ways: Firstly, its lawyers are experienced professionals who have provided general and corporate counsel for some of Australia’s largest corporations. This means that their business acumen is sharpened and developed, enabling them to deliver truly commercial advice. On top of this, they provide realism by taking the time to get to know the client’s company, organisational culture, and management objectives. Secondly, Holman Webb understands that legal costs can be a problem for many organisations. For this reason, its teams are trained to deliver effective cost containment, equipped with accurate time recording and time management skills. The firm is also a keen advocate for alternative pricing mechanisms. Without hourly rates to worry about, clients can have more certainty about their legal costs. Thirdly, Holman Webb is dedicated to delivering innovative solutions to its clients. Its lawyers have worked with IT specialists to create programmes that can help businesses manage their internal processes as well as applications that deliver information quickly and reliably. W Lastly, Holman Webb aims to build long-term relationships with its clients; many have used its services for two or three decades. To accomplish this, the firm encourages its team to work together to provide innovative solutions. Continuity of personnel is also important since it allows clients to work with the same staff members and experience consistent services. Holman Webb understands that its employees play a crucial role in its ability to deliver excellence to its clients. The firm strives to create a positive internal environment in which they can thrive, aiming to ensure that all team members are encouraged to contribute and speak up. The firm has a unique culture which is hinged on diversity. As an inclusive workplace, Holman Webb recognises and respects the traditions and beliefs of its staff. It works tirelessly to foster a work environment where everyone feels valued and part of the team. The hiring process at Holman Webb is based on its extensive diversity policy, which outlines its dedication to hiring the best person for each role regardless of disability, sex, culture, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, ethnicity, or any other attribute. All candidates are considered on the basis of their skills, qualifications, and abilities. To improve its recruitment and workplace practices in terms of diversity, Holman Webb seeks advice from relevant experts and representative bodies like disability support agencies and indigenous organisations. With pioneering commitment to gender equality, Holman Webb is dedicated to making sure that women are well-represented throughout the organisation, all the way up to its C-Suite and Partners. The firm has now been recognised for its actions and become a part of an elite group of organisations that are truly committed to diversity and inclusion at the highest level of management. In March 2023, Holman Webb became the first law firm in the world to achieve an Ellect Silver Star in Gender Equality. The Ellect Star acknowledges the processes it has in place to support gender

Acquisition International - Global CFO Excellence Awards 2023 11 equality on its board and senior leadership team. The firm was led to obtain this certification by Magdalena Kosior-Molloy, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer, who is committed to helping people from diverse backgrounds achieve their goals and make a mark on the world. As COO and CFO at Holman Webb, Magdalena’s key roles involve overseeing the firm’s ongoing operations and procedures, delivering strategic initiatives, and establishing policies that promote its culture and vision. She is a successful leader who employs a number of strategies to ensure that her team align and engage with the organisation. “I am an authentic, visionary and outcome driven leader. I adapt my style to the needs of my team and the context I am operating in,” Magdalena adds. Since she moved to Australia from Poland two decades ago, Magdalena has gained a wealth of experience in the finance industry and worked to drive equal opportunity in the corporate world. When she came to Australia, she struggled to kickstart her career, with overseas qualifications and no local experience under her belt. Having overcome many challenges and succeeded despite all odds, Magdalena believes in sharing her story to empower other women and encourage them to put themselves forward for new opportunities. She shares, “I am passionate about working with people from diverse backgrounds, cultures, ages, and genders to enable them to realise their full potential at a professional and personal level.” In 2022, Magdalena was one of the contributors to a book called “From Bias to Equality” by Sandra D’Souza. The book discusses how businesses can unlock success by cultivating gender balance in their leadership teams. “By intertwining captivating real-life instances and insightful interviews, it offers practical approaches that empower organisations to construct diverse leadership teams,” Magdalena explains. “These teams, equipped with actionable strategies, have the potential to enhance decisionmaking processes, foster an enriched company culture, and ultimately boost profitability.” On 20th June 2023, the book was launched through an event in Sydney. It was a diverse and unique collaboration between Ellect, Holman Webb, the CEO Magazine and DANIEL AVAKIAN, all of which are passionate about addressing the gender gap in business. Magdalena was proud to be a part of this event. As a result of the outstanding work she has done to drive equal opportunities in the workplace over the years, Magdalena KosiorMolloy has been awarded Best Equal Opportunity Advocacy CFO, Australia, in the Global CFO Excellence Awards 2023. We congratulate her on this achievement and look forward to seeing what she goes on to accomplish in the years to come. Contact: Magdalena Kosior-Molloy Company: Holman Webb Lawyers Web Address:

12 Acquisition International - Global CFO Excellence Awards 2023 May23364 Most Dedicated Public Relations CFO 2023 (National Capital Region USA): Nike Ajao As the world evolves, it’s becoming increasingly apparent that mindsets don’t seem to be matching the same pace. Despite the outcry for equality between races, sexualities, and classes, it’s impossible to ignore the clear divide that’s becoming harder to shift. However, Spitfire Strategies is at the forefront of amplifying the voices of change, and we delve into how its CFO, Nike Ajao, is spearheading the shift towards a more inclusive society with the USA. It’s no secret that compassion seems to have fallen to the wayside in recent years. People have stopped loving one another, and have started placing more of a focus on harming, rather than healing, our society. Spitfire Strategies is acutely aware of this fact, and seeks to building more inclusive and compassionate connections throughout a multitude of different groups. Be it working towards a completely anti-racist society, or promoting other forms of unity, Spitfire Strategies stands apart as a beacon of hope for the future. What makes Spitfire Strategies different from other public relation firms, however, is how it actively breaks down complex problems in order to deliver solvable solutions. It recognises the need for strategy, as suggested by its name, and deploys only the most brilliant and diverse of minds to concoct methods that are easy to engage with, whilst also having the capability to pioneer change. This, combined with its avid love for educating and encouraging learning across a variety of campaigns, makes it one-of-a-kind in its field. By marrying inclusive thinking with a workspace that’s always open to learning and adapting, Spitfire Strategies has managed to craft a solid foundation for altering society’s current path. It takes the time to digest what it’s learned, and then spread its findings to a wide audience, all in the hopes of forging a better tomorrow. It’s committed to making things happen, and it does everything in its power to create connections that’ll pave the path towards an anti-racist world. As CFO, it’s Nike’s duty to oversee, not only the financial wellbeing of Spitfire Strategies, but to deploy a myriad of leadership capabilities, strategic thinking, and effective communication in order to develop a productive and harmonious space. By applying experience from her past, she’s been able to deploy these vital skills without a single hitch, and, as a result, plays a crucial role in Spitfire Strategies’ success. Her diverse skillset, developed over years of experience, stands as a testament to her passion – something that we continuously experienced when speaking with her about her role. By drawing on her past experience, Nike has equipped herself with a unique ability to shape herself within the CFO role. By combining her prowess in finance and accounting with her overarching drive to excel, she’s managed to hone her craft even further – from human resources, systems implementation, and data analysis, to people, project and process management, coaching, leadership, and strategic thinking, Nike has extracted the key talents necessary to assist anyone within the broad team at Spitfire Strategies. Through accumulating such a diverse range of abilities, Nike has granted herself the chance to empower everyone around her. She encourages people to exceed their personal expectations, and plays an active role in helping every individual flourish in their own unique ways. She looks to make a positive impact on the lives of those around her, and applies her vast array of attributes in order to make a lifelong contribution that’ll serve to uplift her fellow colleagues and clients alike. What makes Nike truly special is her adeptness in partnering professionalism with compassion. Though she’s wholeheartedly focused on introducing people to the best parts of themselves, she does so in a way that’s not only gentle and filled with kindness, but also supported by factual details. She’s managed to strike the perfect balance between honesty, transparency, intelligence, and empowerment, which all culminates in a brilliant woman who wholly exceeds what’s expected of a CFO. She leverages her skills to imbue individuals with the means to excel in ways that they may have never thought possible. Of course, an effective leadership style is crucial to success for any CFO, and Nike is intrinsically aware of this fact. Therefore, she centres herself on encouraging collaboration and immediate feedback. She believes that praising and recognising team members for their successes, and gently guiding them whenever they may miss the mark, is essential to building a positive work environment. Through fostering brilliance and uniting individuals who share similar visions, she’s able to cultivate a collective that’s critically aware of how its contributions will make a difference within the world. Only then can Spitfire Strategies truly thrive as a firm. As a result of Nike’s proactive leadership style, the company has been given chance time and time again to evolve alongside the needs of society. It’s equipped with all of the necessary tools to start promoting positive change, from its clients to its colleagues. Brilliance is a byproduct of Nike’s innate understanding of the CFO role, and it’s easy to see how her talents have served to amplify Spitfire Strategies’ ambitions. However, when we asked Nike if she had anything else to add about herself, she instead extended her gratitude to her husband,

Acquisition International - Global CFO Excellence Awards 2023 13 Yemi Ajao for his support all through the years and to the founder of Spitfire Strategies, Kristen Grimm. Nike stated: “I would like to express my sincere gratitude for being honoured with this award. I attribute this achievement to the exceptional leadership of Kristen Grimm, the Founder and Strategist of Spitfire Strategies. Kristen has laid a remarkable foundation for the organization, and her visionary guidance has been invaluable.” Additionally, Nike also expressed how grateful she was to Spitfire Strategies’ new president, Jen Carnig, explaining how, through Jen’s passion for the firm, Spitfire Strategies will flourish in new and exciting ways. It’s garnered an immense amount of forward momentum, and Nike expresses how this is a direct product of Jen’s overwhelming love for the work that she does. Spitfire Strategies is a firm of the future. It embodies a sense of progressiveness in a way that most other firms within the USA are simply unable to match. As a result of a fantastic collective of team members, each fully focused on accomplishing the firm’s overarching mission, Spitfire Strategies is well on its way to defining the future of the USA. And, with Nike’s unrelenting and award-winning attitude serving as the firm’s best asset, there’s no doubt in our mind that an anti-racist society is on the horizon thanks to Spitfire Strategies. Contact: Nike Ajao Company: Spitfire Strategies Web Address:

14 Acquisition International - Global CFO Excellence Awards 2023 Best HVAC Equipment Wholesale CFO 2023 (Canada): Tyson Morris hen it comes to room heating and cooling equipment, the team at Genuine Comfort are the people to turn to. Through years of experience as distributors of this essential technology, they have made their clients look like heroes to their guests and tenants. Comfort is not just measured on how cool things are, the Genuine Comfort team use their own proprietary Genuine Performance Index to make sure their standards are higher than anyone else in the sector. The Genuine Comfort team are known for distributing Air Conditioners (AC’s), Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners (PTAC’s), and Vertical Air Conditioners (VTAC’s) to name but a few of their leading products. These can be delivered directly to contractors, but also to apartment, hotel and senior living markets across Canada. If you have more than thirty rooms to cool, the Genuine Comfort team are able to support you at scale. The role of CFO, therefore, is one that has transformed how the business has worked. Tyson Morris got his start as a bookkeeper for a very small local manufacturing and retailing business while attending university. He learned by doing, being handed a box of receipts and figuring it out as he went along. “I came to the realization that the company had a lot of potential and pitched the owners on a full-time role for when I graduated,” he tells us. “That’s how I got my first CFO role. It was a big risk and a different path than most of my colleagues pursued.” This unique path to success is one which saw the business grow from a local to national firm. Tyson learned about how the entire business operated, and from this has been able to develop numerous strategies that have brought about success. At Genuine Comfort, this is bespoke. “Our ongoing strategy is based on the ABC Strategic Value model developed by the IKSIL Group Inc. and EOS,” Tyson explains. “We align the organization to a single vision, build in the systems and capabilities, then consistently deliver on our customer value proposition.” The key has been the development of the aforementioned Genuine Performance Index, which consists of multiple KPI’s along the customer buying journey such as key SKU fill rate as well as on time, and error free deliveries. Performance is never a mystery to the team, and allows them to focus on what will improve customer service at all times. This focus on one singular vision is what has ensured Tyson’s strong position. “My leadership style begins with understanding that once an organization has a clear vision, it’s the people that are the most important part to getting there,” he explains. “You start by developing W May23689 the right structure for the organization to execute its strategic initiatives, then figure out what seats you need. After this, you get the right people in the right seats that get it, want it, have the capacity to do it, and are in line with the core values. Leadership becomes much easier when this is done correctly.” Despite having such a strong position in the room heating and cooling sector, Genuine Comfort is always looking forward. “I see opportunities in technology that will drive major productivity gains and enhanced customer experiences over the coming years,” Tyson tells us. “The challenge will be to train staff and find additional talent to implement and drive initiatives forward. Collaboration with customers and vendors will also be a key driver of realising these potential gains.” The future for Genuine Comfort seems immensely positive, with plans afoot to capture even more of the Canadian market. For Tyson, as well, the future seems bright. “My future professional aspiration is to be an acquisition entrepreneur,” he says. “Another project I am working on that I am very excited about is Explore Outdoor Media Inc., an organization dedicated to inspiring and enabling people to explore the great Canadian outdoors. I’m looking forward to seeing this organization make a big impact over the coming years.” We look forward to seeing the incredible impact this organisation will have, under Tyson’s steady hand, as well! Company: Genuine Comfort Name: Tyson Morris Email: Web Address: Keeping rooms cool is no easy task, but someone has to do it. The team at Genuine Comfort play an invaluable role in making sure you’re always at ease in your surroundings. Their CFO, Tyson Morris, has been recognised for his peerless efforts in this important industry. We caught up with him to find out more.

Acquisition International - Global CFO Excellence Awards 2023 15 Like all industries, life sciences is built on its ability to innovate. The team at CARR Biosystems is transforming the bioseparation market, with CFO Tatyana Nelson leading the way. Here we learn more from Tatyana as she wins her title in the Global CFO Excellence Awards 2023. May23662 o start, please tell us about CARR Biosystems. CARR Biosystems is an equipment manufacturer for the life sciences industries. Our best-in-class high-performance systems are transforming the bioseparation market across application segments, from cell therapy, gene therapy, and monoclonal antibodies to vaccines, cellular agriculture, and more. Being in this business for over 25 years gave us the unmatched expertise to pioneer singleuse centrifuge solutions. We have the only market portfolio covering single-use bioprocessing needs from early-stage development to commercial-scale manufacturing. You have held several senior finance roles in various organizations. How did you grow to where you are now? I intentionally sought opportunities across various industries and company ownership types, including public, private, Private Equity (PE), and Venture Capital (VC), and different company sizes from small to large. I have successfully combined best practices from various industries and companies. My track record of achieving results and growing companies has enabled me to rise and become CFO. Tell me more about your leadership style. How do you ensure everyone in your organization understands and works towards your vision? My leadership style is transformational. I inspire and motivate my teams to achieve their full potential by setting high standards. I focus on creating a clear vision for the future, communicating it effectively, and empowering the teams to take action toward achieving it. This involves creating something that ultimately passes my excitement factor, discussing it with others, getting buy-in, and moving forward with the execution. Many people focus on strategy only, but the key to growing companies is execution. To execute successfully, I encourage developing solid relationships, thinking outside the box, and fostering innovation. I intentionally create an environment where every team member can be themselves, communicate openly and transparently. Regarding CARR Biosystems, what would you say is your focus? 2023 is a transformational year for CARR Biosystems. We became a separate business entity at the end of 2022, and our efforts this year have been focused on laying the foundation for future growth. We moved to our beautiful new facility in Clearwater, Florida, in May and are lucky to be able to leverage over 25 years of CARR’s experience. Our primary focus this year is to build our stand-alone commercial and operational excellence, and ultimately, we are here to enable T Best Life Sciences Equipment Manufacturing CFO 2023: Tatyana Nelson life-saving and life-enhancing therapies and solutions. What advice would you give those seeking to emulate your success as CFO? Finding a leadership style that allows you to be yourself is imperative. A solid understanding of finance and overall company strategy and operations are must-haves. Being bold, asking questions, and constantly questioning the status quo are critical to success. Focus on building ‘A’ teams has also been central to my success. A team is like an orchestra, and the leader is its conductor. The conductor should be able to assemble a team with true virtuosos and unite them into one orchestra to deliver a masterpiece. A top-notch conductor also has an ear for hearing false notes and understands that even one wrong note can spoil the efforts of other orchestra musicians. Hence, it’s imperative proactively listen and ensure that the team is set up for success. Another important concept for success is the understanding that any action or inaction of a leader leads to a consequence. Hence, it’s crucial to think a few steps ahead. Playing chess is a very effective way to master this skill. Speaking of which, I was a regional chess champion in my younger years. Last but not least, I can’t stress enough the importance of continued education. In addition to formal opportunities, reading is vital to staying in the flow. I average about 45 minutes per day reading. Finally, where do you see yourself in the future? My current focus is on leading CARR Biosystems. Longer term, I plan to continue positively impacting the world. I look forward to transforming and growing companies that create outstanding solutions for their customers and fulfilling workplaces for their employees. If you’d like to learn more about Tatyana, visit https://www.linkedin. com/in/tanelsonmba. Company: CARR Biosystems Contact: Tatyana Nelson Web Address: