Global CFO Excellence Awards 2022

6 Acquisition International - Global CFO Excellence Awards 2022 Mar22681 Most Innovative Tech CFO (Europe): Islam Zween Nothing about the future is certain, but the team at Wealthskey Limited, and their impressive product Just Retire, are on hand to offer some much needed security. Under the careful guiding hand of CFO Islam Zween, the team has built an adaptability that is second to none. We take a closer look at the team’s sterling efforts to uncover precisely how they have earned such success in the Global CFO Excellence Awards 2022. hen Wealthskey was established in 2019, it was with a clear eye on the needs of the future. To them, economist and financial media publishers were failing to take advantage of the clear benefits of what the technology of the day had to offer. First and foremost amongst these was the use of Blockchain smart contracts. As a firm, it’s clear that innovation and thinking outside the box is a key part of securing success. Innovation is more than just the way in which a firm operates. It must be an attribute that is built into the very structure of it, from the top to the bottom. Finding the right people to fit this impressive organisation is therefore vital. Joining the firm in 2021, Islam Zween has made a name for himself not only as someone who understands the need for new ideas, but has the ability to continually explore concepts that could transform the industry at large. Mr Zween’s career began after he had obtained his BSC in 1994. He worked in a series of marketing and Sales positions in CIBA VISION and Novartis pharmaceutical Companies, before earning his Masters’ degree from Alexandria University, Egypt. This opened the door to new opportunities as the Marketing Manager GCC, of UAE Al-Ghurair Foods until 2007. The last fifteen years have seen a dramatic shift in Zween’s approach, as he began to see the benefits of the digital marketplace. He has built numerous entrepreneurial digital ventures in UAE, KSA and Egypt, with his latest ( growing into the most reliable financial news provider in GCC. It has recently been acquired by the biggest Media House in the Middle East (SRMG). When Zween came to Wealthskey, therefore, he did so with 23 years of experience in business management, business optimisation, marketing and Sales under his belt and a knowledge of what the digital markets were doing that was second to none. The aim whilst at Wealthskey has always been to accelerate the company’s operations and explore market opportunities. However, COVID-19 and financial crises opened Islam’s eyes to introducing a new product to Wealthskey as a Fintech idea to the forefront of the industry. W Just Retire was designed specifically to draw attention to the needs of younger generations. The challenge has been to provide support for people to plan for their retirements. The Post-COVID stagflation has proven a major challenge for many, reducing their financial freedom considerably. Research shows that only 38% of Millennials in Western countries reported they already know how much money they’ll need to retire, with nearly 60% of Millennials having less than $10,000 saved for retirement. Half of Baby Boomers are in a similar situation, despite having had half a century to save for their own retirements. There’s an enormous market here, and Just Retire has found itself at the forefront. The development of this exciting new product was specifically for the purposes of helping people to plan for their financial futures. Using the latest AI technology, the team have been proud to achieve assist others in creating bright and exciting futures for themselves and their families. In a world where people are struggling to work out how best to strategize their retirement policies, their work offers a simple and straightforward solution. Just Retire provides its clients with all of the information that they might need to make informed decisions. Investments are naturally large risks for anyone, and understanding those risks is crucial to making better decisions. With information provided to the team, they create a unique user profile and recommend various solutions that meet the specific requirements of this profile. In this way, all financial accounts and assets can be organised in one hub, allowing users to track all their expenses, Bills and future Goals through a simple and user-friendly dashboard. With creative ways of showcasing what specific resources are on hand, people will be able to understand the way in which their expenditure ties together. Looking ahead, Just Retire is likely to add even more talking points to its already impressive portfolio of options. Under Mr Zween’s impressive leadership, the firm will continue to launch unique selling points within the next two years, including Customised Investments Solutions which will aim to provide an easy Investment platform. Through this part of the platform, clients will be able to access ready-made mutual funds, insurance