Global CFO Excellence Awards 2022

Acquisition International - Global CFO Excellence Awards 2022 5 Renewable Energy CFO of the Year (Africa): Nic Mudaly milestone by 2030: 30 million tons of carbon reduced annually across 30 million acres, benefiting 3 million people in Africa by 2030. ‘While tourism has been pushed to the brink (with South Luangwa NP generating an estimated $30 million pre-Covid-19 to as little as $4.5 million today), REDD+ has continued to bring revenue to local communities, with direct payments of US$8 million directly paid to communities since the pandemic began. Over the last five years, household income has increased 171% in the LCFP, and a minimum of 2,200+ opportunities of income generation have been created across both projects, demonstrating how durable and successful the REDD+ model has proven to Zambia’s local economy!’ exclaims Nic. In the workplace, however, the Covid-19 pandemic did bring about disruptions. Zambian work culture is rooted deeply in the office environment, and therefore was ill-equipped for the transition to remote working. BCP’s ability to promptly adapt enabled it to avoid such a crisis, with much of this being attributed to the transparency and communication amongst the team. In the space of 6 months, the finance team had to decentralise some of the functions, introduce a new ERP, move to online approvals and trackers, and most critically, manage communications from in person to online. ‘The finance department needs to be that one trusted source of data. Turning data to insight is key to project success. A project that delivers positive impacts builds trust with our key partners, those we serve.’ Going forward, BCP hopes to drive home that the climate change crisis needs global attention. It is something that can no longer be swept under the rug – forgotten about. Africa, for example, receives less than 3% of global climate finance, however, 30 out of the 40 most climate-vulnerable countries in the world are in Africa. Over the next year and beyond, BCP will be working alongside government institutions, communities, and partner organisations to continue to put African countries at the forefront of climate change action globally by helping to build resilience through REDD+ projects in Africa. For Nic, his goal is simple – ‘To continue to grow and evolve. The Carbon market is such a dynamic and fast paced one. Yet, it is also so fresh and volatile. The rules have not been fully established yet, it is very much up to us, the companies at the forefront of this sector, who are achieving verification and validation of the highest standards to set the pace. I believe that being a leading player in this field is an opportunity in itself. Successfully navigating the level that we aim to scale will be a defining moment in my career and I am so excited to be on this journey!’ Contact: Nic Mudaly Company: BioCarbon Partners - BCP Web Address: