2020 Cyber Security Awards

Acquisition International - Cyber Security Awards 2020 11 ounded in 2004, GTB Technologies has pioneered some of the most effective security against advanced malware and insider threats for many of the world’s largest enterprises. The company has built a formidable reputation in the industry as an undisputed leader through a dedication to providing best-in-class protection for data in transit, data at rest and data in-use. Yet, as Wendy explains, one of the key factors in GTB’s continued success is their commitment to client centricity. “As a company, we help organisations protect personal identifiable information, personal health information as well as intellectual property data assets. GTB believes every customer is the most important customer and accordingly provide unprecedented customer care. “We are serving clients across several industries including healthcare, utilities, banks, insurance, manufacturing, retail, energy, travel and government. Our solutions not only keep data secure and compliant but also enable companies to collaborate effectively whether in the office or working remote from home.” But that is only part of the story. After all, cyber security remains an exceptionally competitive arena that seems unstoppable in its pursuit towards ‘better’. Innovation, creativity and enhancement are key drivers as the industry looks to keep ahead and adapt to the latest technological developments as they emerge. As these developments trigger paradigm shifts on the industry, so too does regulation race to keep up. For Wendy and GTB, new regulation is a good thing – something to be celebrated and embraced. “The cyber security market today is benefiting from new regulation pertaining to data security and the protection of Personal Identifiable Information (PII and PHI). Such regulations as GDPR, California’s Privacy CCPA and NYDFS Cybersecurity are more stringent and call for higher penalties for companies who do not comply.” However, throughout all of these changes, client service remains pivotal to GTB’s efforts to maintaining its leading position on the market, as Wendy continues. “Our strategy here at GTB is to stay in close touch with customers. By setting up monthly audit calls, we can better understand our client’s needs.” The rest comes after – by understanding client’s needs, GTB can adapt and develop perfectly in line with them without wasting resources on unneeded changes to their services. “With this in mind, over the past five years GTB has decided to develop new features purely based on client’s requests. Such "Feature Requests" are queued in R&D and typically provided in an update release. The average response for a new request is less than Based in Florida, GTB Technologies, Inc is a leading provider of data loss prevention and data protection tools. We got in touch with GTB’s CSO, Wendy Cohen to find out more about the company and her thoughts on receiving the award ‘Best DLP Solutions Provider’ in the 2020 Cyber Security Awards. Best DLP Solutions Provider 2020 F one month, with this kind of customer care insuring of account loyalty. Worldwide, GTB is experiencing a 99% renewal rate worldwide, which -as you can imagine- we are very pleased with.” Finally, Wendy touches on the future of GTB and what its plans are for the rest of the year (and beyond). “Looking ahead to the future, GTB is coming out with exciting new features and capabilities. These include smart copy and move, where the system can place files on an alternative location using regular expressions. We also allow users to classify files based on destined file share locations. In addition, the system can monitor any file-share activity for both on premises and off premises users. On the agent side (GTB’s Endpoint DLP that Works tm ), the company now provides OCR capability locally on the PC. This will ensure that files and images are detected locally when at rest or in motion. There’s a reason why GTB is an acronym for Get the Best” Company Name: GTB Technologies, Inc. Contact Name: Wendy Cohen Telephone Number: 800.626.0557 Address: 2054 Vista Parkway, Suite 400, West Palm Beach, FL 33411 Web Address: www.gttb.com

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