2020 Cyber Security Awards

12 Acquisition International - Cyber Security Awards 2020 ince their inception, Authlogics solutions have helped their customers to secure their current logon process by adding the firm’s patented and award-winning Multi-Factor Authentication technologies. These technologies can also help them transition to a completely password-less authentication process. Authlogics are based within the Cyber Security market, focusing in Identity & Access Management with their core strength being Password Security Management, Multi-Factor and Password-less Authentication. The firm’s solution allows businesses to use a simple, secure and compliant authentication methods for their users. The Authlogics Password Security Management (PSM) and Multi- Factor Authentication (MFA) suites provides a comprehensive set of tools allowing IT managers to improve their overall security posture. Password Security Management includes auditing and reporting functionality for compliance purposes, and also checks user passwords against the Authlogics Password Breach Database consisting of 2bn+ credentials to assess the Company’s password security status and ensure that only NIST compliant passwords are used. In summation, PSM prevents breached passwords from entering an organisation and ensures ongoing password compliance via real- time and scheduled monitoring and remediation. PSM also prevents password sharing and provides user self-service password reset by way of a web portal. This year has been particularly exciting from a client acquisition point-of-view. They have expanded in the Middle-East and Africa and have deployed Authlogics’ solution into government ministries, defence and telecom companies. As an example, based on a client’s urgent deadline, they deployed their solution to 80,000 users in merely four days. Authlogics takes great pride in understanding their clients’ requirements in detail by involving engineering resources right from the offset, and set expectations that they know can be fulfilled. One of the best things about Authlogics is that they have an agile development team and nine times out of ten times, they can develop add-ons to address custom requirements in a very short timeframe. Once the scope of work is defined and prerequisites are available, their project managers ensure that the project is successfully delivered and their post-sales engineering team remain in touch with the client throughout the deployment process as well as afterwards to ensure the smooth running of their systems. Authlogics provides customers with unique solutions, which helps them transition from weak and vulnerable password to always compliant and unique ones. Recently recognised in Acquisition International’s Cyber Security Awards, we profiled the firm to discover more about the award-winning solutions the team consistently provide. Best Password Compliance Specialist 2020 S Authlogics offer solutions that are easy and quick to deploy offering fast results. They stay at the technical forefront of the industry to help customers authenticate their employees, partners, contractors and customers. They believe in keeping things simple, which is why they are easy to do business with. Security is at its best when it is not complicated which makes for a better end-user experience. Alongside this, the team also assist potential customers with free pre- sales support and provide two levels of after-sales support via their UK based team. Their basic support offering includes all software updates, unlimited support tickets and with a next business day response. This can be upgraded to their Premium support offering which adds 24x7, four hour response time, with a remote hands-on engineer if required. Public access to downloads and integration guides is readily available from their web site, and their knowledgeable Reseller and Distribution partners are also on-hand to advise and assist in the multiple regions. They maintain a tight feedback loop between the product, support and sales teams to ensure that customer needs are being met by the product. With there being an increase in data breaches, phishing and hacking company’s vulnerable IT infrastructure, it is imperative that CIO’s need to enhance their network security. Organisations that fail to provide risk-appropriate authentication can result in compromise. Companies are looking to secure their IT with migration towards a password-less login UX and reducing the reliance on passwords. Authlogics recognise the existing and foreseeable IT developments and strategies, therefore committing to being an adaptable and compliant solution. The Password Breach Database is continuously being updated with breach data found online with new tools and techniques being developed to locate and process the raw data. At Authlogics, the firm likes to recruit people who enjoy what they do and never think twice about going the extra mile; if you enjoy what you are doing you are going to do a good job. It is important for them to have people who can add value and are not shy in adapting to change and can wear several hats when needed. Their staff also need to be able to work with a global team and respect the different cultures that make up the Authlogics family. Authlogics has a detailed product roadmap of new features and capabilities which will add value to new and existing customers. With the rise in influenceof FIDO, Authlogics are recognising the recommendations and embracing the standard to strengthen the product. Contact: Steven Hope | CEO Company: Authlogics Web Address: www.authlogics.com

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