Cyber Security 2019

Acquisition International - 2019 Cyber Security Awards 15 Cyber Essentials Direct Ltd Cyber Essentials Direct Ltd is an innovative company that has created the Cyber Highway, a unique online portal that helps secure businesses and enterprise supply chains against the ever-increasing threat of cybercrime and attacks. We profile the firm to find out more about its innovative solution and how this is driving it to success. ver the years Cyber Essentials Direct has flourished thanks to its innovative approach to building a solution that genuinely meets the needs of users across the corporate landscape. With a wide range of experts across government and industry to share perspectives and review industry requirements for a scalable platform that would deliver CE compliance, Cyber Essentials Direct used its collective conclusions to direct its thinking about the task ahead to developing a robust and compliant certification route for business. The firm’s flagship solution, the Cyber Highway was built on strong foundations and with the help of people who know the landscape well. The firm’s team are engaged in high-level discussions and workshops during the development phase, working with industry experts who are fully aware of the challenges modern businesses face as they operate within an increasingly hostile internet environment. This understanding, combined with expert knowledge and experience, enabled the firm to establish from the very beginning, the various requirements a CE compliance platformmust fulfil for it to be successful in today’s market-place. The Cyber Highway is the successful outcome O of this extensive research into the provision of a unique, globally scalable online CE compliance offering: one that meets the cyber security needs of business communities in the UK and internationally. Today the Cyber Highway is a simple but comprehensive on-line portal, which brings together the very latest in digital technology with a clearly mapped-out navigational route. The unique combination of a seamless process teamed with an accessible user experience supports business at every stage of their journey towards Cyber Essential certification and beyond. Looking ahead, Cyber Essentials Direct will continue to enhance on its solutions offering and drive the Cyber Highway to even greater success so that it can meet the ever-evolving needs of its valued clients. Company: Cyber Essentials Direct Ltd Contact: John Lyons Email: john Website: “Best Cyber Security Self-Auditing System - UK”