Corporate Social Responsibility Awards 2022

8 Acquisition International - Corporate Social Responaibility Awards 2022 Nov22614 Best Rehabilitation Luxury Residential Architecture Firm - Portugal Specialising in the luxury segment for private residences, developments, and company environments, the Gavinho Group stands out for its flair, innovation, and use of top-quality materials. We find out more from the firm’s founder in the wake of it being recognised in the Corporate Social Responsibility Awards 2022. ith more than 30 years of existence, the Gavinho Group was born and developed by Maria Gavinho. Today it comprises two companies, Gavinho Architecture & Interiors and Gavinho & Associados, both of which function within the national and international market with a single objective, that of developing projects and differentiated solutions. From architectural design to strategic planning, from design to construction, Gavinho has the skills for any phase of a project. Gavinho Architecture & Interiors studio is distinguished by its projects in the areas of architecture, landscaping, interior design, product design, and art consultancy. Specialising in the luxury segment for private homes, developments, and business environments, Gavinho Architecture & Interiors creates and redesigns spaces with a focus on personalisation, contemporary style, and noble materials. Gavinho & Associados, on the other hand, focuses on real estate promotion and rehabilitation and brings together all services related to the construction and rehabilitation of private residences, developments, and business environments. The comprehensive work undertaken by Gavinho & Associados covers new construction execution of all stages, while respecting construction techniques and good construction practices. This includes the rehabilitation of pre-existing buildings where a large part of the built elements are preserved and the amount of necessary demolitions and corresponding reconstructions are reduced, in addition to making materials and techniques compatible, and giving preference to repair solutions that use traditional technologies and current materials. Due to its in-house capacity to develop the project in all its phases, the Gavinho Group is recognised for its sense of demand in planning, creative development, and execution. “The success of Gavinho Associados results from the combination of highly competent project teams, combined with the selection of excellent projects,” explains founder, Maria. “This selection and differentiation gives real estate assets an asset value that makes them less prone to market volatility, guaranteeing a consistent return.” The architecture and interiors side of the business creates places, products, immersive environments, attractive destinations, and W differentiated products. Its atelier focuses on multidisciplinary practice that addresses multiple layers of human experience and it designs buildings, interiors, landscapes, lighting, furniture, objects, and graphics with a focus that goes far beyond the appearance of things, always putting first the way people feel in the environments. Clients are predominantly individuals, promoters and entrepreneurs looking to stand out from the crowd and differentiate. “Designing and solving problems in an accessible and collaborative way, we believe in big dreams and that overcoming obstacles is a way to reach new solutions,” Maria elaborates. “We bring the same attention to detail to every project, because for us, it’s all about designing a world we want to live in.” In the main luxury artery of the city of Lisbon, Gavinho Architecture & Interiors has its showroom and atelier, where the creative department develops all projects. Here, you can find some of the pieces signed by Gavinho, in a discreet and elegant environment. In an authentic celebration of national art and manufacturing, the showroom genuinely illustrates the soul that embodies Gavinho Architecture & Interiors. Also existing in Lisbon, the firm has four ongoing developments in the city centre. With more being prepared for the coming year, the company is well established, bringing new life to the neighbourhoods in which it intervenes. Recently, for itsdedication to remodelling luxuryexistingaccommodation to high standards and protecting the integrity of these buildings, Gavinho was recognised in the Corporate Social Responsibility Awards 2022 and crowned with the prestigious title of Best Rehabilitation Luxury Residential Architecture Firm – Portugal. This commitment to quality and to the originality of each project are the reasons for the firm’s success and for its international expansion to countries such as France, the United Arab Emirates, Angola, and Algeria. “We are proud of the design standards and timeless materiality, values that characterise our work, and that add from the broadest vision to the smallest detail, from the beginning to the end of each project.” Contact: Maria Gavinho Company: By-Gavinho Web Address: