Business Excellence Awards 2023

42 Acquisition International - Business Excellence Awards 2023 with them. Our mission is often to make up for any delays accumulated at previous stages while maintaining the quality of our service. In order to remain at the top level, we have at heart to train our teams to the new techniques and knowledge of our trades as soon as it is possible. This is how we develop new fields of expertise every year,” Christine explains, exploring how challenges are seen as opportunities for growth and innovation by AIO. Finally, Christine offers more insight into the future of AIO on the back of a monumentally successful 12 months for the business. “Our team has a particular interest in the world of video games/manga; we are interested in the world of events. Our challenge in 2022 was to analyse the needs of companies in the event industry and to see if our formula fits this environment. Having been able to test and validate our process on events of all types and sizes, we would like in 2023 to strengthen our presence in this sector. Indeed, this environment has undergone major upheaval due to the covid; we would like to participate more actively in its reconstruction.” Contact Details Company Name: AIO Création Contact Name: Christine Stoykoff, Co-Founder Address: 13 rue Vauban 21210 Saulieu - France Web Address: Contact Email Telephone Number: 0659006248 Best Turn-Key Digital Solutions Provider 2023 - Northeastern France he digital landscape offers a plethora of options and potential opportunities to utilise and capitalise on. The problem is many don’t know how to best capitalise on those opportunities. And with the digital world only more prevalent and more important, that drive is swiftly becoming a necessity to retain growth and relevancy. That’s where AIO steps in, and where it has flourished in turn. Here, Christine opens up about AIO’s operations and expertise. “Our agency, specialised in turnkey projects, has a mission to simplify the relationship between customer and provider thanks to a global support spread over six areas of expertise: graphic design, publishing and print, digital and web, consulting and strategy, digital marketing, merchandise and textile printing, and events. “The mastery of all these fields allows our customers to reduce their intermediaries while gaining in flexibility, time, and coherence between their various projects. These are the values that allow us to accompany our customers with confidence in their evolution.” Working with clients across the digital space – including cyptocurrency, marketing, events, and hospitality businesses of all sizes – AIO has made a dramatic impression on the greater industry at large for its innovative ethos, strong work ethic, and unquestionable expertise. Since its establishment, it has endeavoured to be a ‘one-stop shop’ for whatever its clients need to evolve to the ‘next level’ of their business, as Christine continues. “The flexibility of our offer also allows us to be present at the local level as well as to support an increasing number of associations evolving in social or environmental circles. For example, in a fast growing world where reactivity is crucial, companies need to gain in productivity. In this context, creating AIO was an obvious choice for us: a simple, innovative, and quick to use model. This model allows us to treat the projects of the same client as a whole, which allows us to keep a strong coherence throughout its development, and thus respect its identity. Our strength lies in the global control of the project by a unique interlocutor allowing a privileged relationship.” Of course, as any company knows especially in the digital space, challenges occur frequently and often with little warning. The last few years have only proven that to be truer than ever before, with uncertainty being the only constant. “Our daily challenge is to fight against time; indeed, the deadlines of our customer projects are often short, and we make sure we are constantly communicating T Feb23250 Companies within the digital solutions sphere are in high demand, spurred on by an everdigital world. As one of the best digital solutions providers in Europe, AIO Création (AIO) has endeavoured to accelerate its clients’ growth and scale the way to a future defined by almost limitless possibility. We sat down with Co-Founder, Christine Stoykoff to find out more.