Business Excellence 2019

Acquisition International - 2019 Business Excellence Awards 9 Dominion Fund Management Limited the patient investor who has remained invested. Some of these core trends include investing in products demanded by Chinese millennials, the global demand for air travel driving demand for new aircraft, driverless cars and electric vehicles, the spread of connected devices and an ageing population driving demand for new medicines. Across these and many more structural demand trends, growth in profits will continue to be driven by the trends changing the world and driving demand for the products and services offered by Dominion’s investment names. Each of these three funds uses the same approach and technology to ensure that every investor can rest assured they are receiving strong returns and a risk adjusted process, as Tim emphasises. “Across all three funds we utiliseDominion’s proprietary stock selection system, which monitors a universe of over more than 5,000 listed companies. We use in-house screening tools to identify companies trading at attractive valuations, which are exposed to Global Trends. We then conduct deep fundamental analysis on the companies and the industries to confirm or reject the investment opportunities. Our portfolios are constructed of the best ideas of growth stocks we believe offer the optimal balance of risk and reward. We manage the funds pro-actively, constantly monitoring our portfolios and when necessary adjusting market exposure. This process involves utilising Dominion’s proprietary risk-management systems to maintain an optimal invested level.” Looking ahead, Tim foresees even greater success for Dominion and its innovative approach to investing, as he proudly concludes. “Ultimately, with more than 100 years of combined financial markets investment experience, Dominion’s investment team prides itself on offering investors a unique and leading exposure to long-term structural demand patterns: Global Trends, which we are confident will continue to power ahead and generate strong returns for the investors long into the future.” “At Dominion, we can see that the world is changing, and it is changing faster than ever. As such, we identify global growth opportunities, which we call Global Trends, and invest in the companies driving them.”