Business Excellence 2019

8 Acquisition International - 2019 Business Excellence Awards Dominion Fund Management Limited is an international fund management group specialising in long-term structural growth investing. We caught up with Tim Nelson to find out more about the firm and the secrets behind its success. Dominion Fund Management Limited ince its inception Dominion set out to create a range of products that were good investment ideas. Today the firm also works hard to ensure that the funds it provides and the strategies they follow are simple for everybody to understand. These strategies revolve around adapting to global changes within the corporate landscape, as Tim highlights in his opening comments. “At Dominion, we can see that the world is changing, and it is changing faster than ever. As such, we identify global growth opportunities, which we call Global Trends, and invest in the companies driving them. Our funds offer investors exposure to all of the major sources of change in the world today, and generate returns based on this strategy. We believe that investing in the companies which provide the new technology and unique business models that enable global change, offers investors strong and reliable long-term returns. “These Global Trends, driven by demographic change, emerging markets, new technologies, and changing cultural habits, result in a critical conclusion for investors: products often become subject to forceful dynamics leading to accelerated obsolescence: today’s winner can be an obscure memory tomorrow, such as Nokia and Blackberry. This highlights the value of an active management strategy, which reduces the risks, as well as captures the great rewards that come from a changing world. To capitalise on these rewards, Dominion offers investors long-term exposure to these Global Trends, and many more. Investing in Global Trends with Dominion offers investors a long-term exposure to the structural growth underway in the world today, allowing them to reap the rewards of global change.” Thanks to this approach, each of Dominion’s three core investment funds has been positioned for optimal exposure to the Global Trends in their respective sectors. The firm’s Ecommerce fund is dedicated to investing in the Global Trends underlying our increasingly connected world. The rise of a new global middle class in emerging markets, combined with new technologies, is driving a megatrend of demand for services and activity in Ecommerce. As billions of people increasingly conduct their activity online they cannot help but become enmeshed in the digital Ecommerce world. This activity can take many forms, like digital entertainment, advertising, payments, retail, and business-to- business activity. This fund focuses on critical network mass in key areas of the online world where our investment names can monetise online activity and demonstrate growth and strong cash generation. S Its Luxury Consumer fund focuses on the Global Trends in luxury goods and services. A growing global population, global GDP growth and increasing inequality ensure that the world’s wealthy grow steadily in numbers and relative purchasing power. Companies selling luxuries whose consumption share (by definition) increases with wealth will see steadily increasing demand for their goods, services and experiences. Dominion invest in those companies who operate business models that allow them to control prices in such fashion that they generate ever more cash, which can either be returned to investors or accelerate growth further. Typically, such companies operate well-recognised brands or IP, which are hard to copy. Finally, through Dominion’s Managed fund, the team invest globally across sectors in the most important Global Trends they can identify, offering investors a diversified exposure to Global Trends. In the long-term our investment names are growing revenue and profits well above global GDP growth, and this will in time reward Company: Dominion Fund Management Limited Contact: James Greco Email: “Best International Fund Management Group 2019”