Business Excellence 2019

18 Acquisition International - 2019 Business Excellence Awards Australian Visa Assessment & Eligibility Complete our online assessment form to know your chances of obtaining an Australian visa. Drawing on its vast market experience, SeekVisa Migration Agents and Immigration Lawyers is the leading expert in Australia and New Zealand immigration services. As part of this year’s showcase of a selection of our winners from the 2019 Business Excellence Awards, we profile the firm and share an insight into the secrets behind its market leading success. Migration Agents and Immigration Lawyers Supporting a wide range of clients including students, families, investors, corporates, businesses and individuals, the firm is able to provide award-winning support and service. For these clients the firm offers a range of services including immigration advice and information based on current legislation, full assessment of visa options, requirements, the migration process, visa and skills assessment application preparation and advocating clients for review applications in the Tribunal (AAT). Looking towards the future, SeekVisa will remain committed to providing its clients with the same exceptional standard of service and support that they have come to rely on so that it can then grow even further and support a wider array of clients. ith over 40 years combined experience, SeekVisa is specialised in all aspects of Australian immigration, helping clients navigate the complex process of coming to Australia. Over the years, SeekVisa has assisted newcomers to Australia from around the world, providing them with award-winning service and expert support throughout the process. Thanks to this vast expertise, today the firms dedicated team is able to provide representation and advice to foreign nationals who are looking to enter Australia on a permanent or temporary basis. The company is now one of the most reputable registered offices to provide assistance in all visa and migration matters to Australia and New Zealand. SeekVisa is established as one of Australia’s foremost migration law experts, having successfully prepared, and lodged hundreds of successful visa and skills assessment applications. SeekVisa possess extensive experience representing clients at the Administrative Appeals Tribunal and experienced with character cancellation cases and detention matters. They have assisted numerous overseas companies and start-ups in obtaining their Overseas Business Sponsorship status. SeekVisa are headquartered in Melbourne, with offices across Australia specialising in TSS 482 visa, ENS 186 visa, RSMS 187 visa, Partner visa, Business and Investment visas, Employer Sponsored visas, visa refusal appeals and cancellations. The firm’s team is multilingual, and as such can support clients no matter what language they speak or what cultural differences they may have. This expert team allows SeekVisa to provide their clients with the cutting-edge support and service that will then help them to achieve the outcome they need and to overcome the complicated migration process. SeekVisa’s expert team are registered with the Migration Agents Registration Authority or the Immigration Advisers Authority and provide their services in accordance with the highest professional standards. W SeekVisa: