2021 Non-Profit Organisation Awards

18 Acquisition International - 2021 Non-Profit Organisations Awards he Hostingseekers listing directory helps users to find quality hosting services, hosting companies they can trust, discount coupons, and more. With the help of the vast, easy to navigate, user friendly and frequently updated database, users can find the suitable hosting company that fits their needs as well as their budget. With clear results, it is easy to compare prices, plans, support options, reviews and ratings. With a relentless team which strives to make Hostingseekers the largest web hosting directory, it is passionate about helping businesses and website owners choose the best hosting platform from its extensive hosting directory. Its visitors find great value through the platform, their support being a real kicker to keep the company going. Web hosting is a multi-billion dollar industry with a valuation of $56.7 billion in 2019 and is expected to grow at 15% annually by 2027. The 2020 pandemic witnessed a surge in online activity by businesses and individuals, with more companies having an online presence today than ever before, accelerating the growing demand for the best web hosting providers. With multiple options online, business/ website owners might not know how to choose the best provider for their website. T Best Specialist IT Business Directory – India Award for Excellence in Web Hosting Business Listings 2021 This is the problem that Hostingseekers is solving. Its team performs extensive research to shortlist the best hosting providers in categories like Linux, Windows, Shared hosting, Dedicated hosting, etc., and also shares the benefits and applicability for all these categories. Therefore, the company has completed the first and the most exhaustive step; business/website owners just need to find the hosting provider from the directory that makes the most sense for their website. In response to Hostingseekers being recognised in this issue of Acquisition International, company founder, Mavinder Singh said, “Trust is one of the most important values for me – both personally and professionally. As an organisation, we’ve tried to inculcate the same in all our business processes. We want our visitors including business owners to trust our process from listing hosting providers to ranking them based on well-defined algorithms, user reviews, and sanity checks. Our approach encourages service providers to offer their best value to our audience. We are honoured to receive this award and are excited to add value to anyone and everyone looking for a hosting provider to start their own website!” Company: Hostingseekers Contact: Mavinder Singh Email: info@hostingseekers.com Website: www.hostingseekers.com Hostingseekers is an internet-based web hosting information centre covering hundreds of hosting companies and their services worldwide while ensuring that its visitors get the best possible results. Regardless of users’ business type, it aims to help people succeed by choosing the most reliable web hosting company. Hostingseekers