2021 Non-Profit Organisation Awards

Acquisition International - 2021 Non-Profit Organisations Awards Best Tech-Focused Social Impact Start-Up - Europe hen UNHOUSED.ORG was established, it was with the simple aim of becoming the Amazon.com for homeless supplies. Those who come to the site purchase items not only for themselves, but for someone in need as well. This is because the cost covers two items in total. In short order, the system has created a self-sustaining method of generating brand new clothing for those who need it most of all. Since opening its online doors, UNHOUSED.ORG has had a tremendous impact on the lives of homeless people, with more that 100,000 supplies distributed to more than 10,000 homeless people since launch. People from around the world can see the benefit that this incredible organisation brings, which is why individuals from over thirty countries have bought items from this amazing online store. The team behind UNHOUSED.ORG have a perspective that is clear than most to the challenges that the homeless face, with its founders being from ethnic minority backgrounds. They know that BIPOC communities are more likely to suffer from structural problems within the UK that result in homelessness and rough sleeping. As a result, the team try to make sure that their clothing suits the needs of the people they are helping as much as possible. Of course, no business can thrive without a passion for development, and the team at UNHOUSED.ORG are always exploring options for new ideas. In 2019, the firm engineered and developed the World’s First Self-Cleaning Hoodie, an innovative clothing range that repels liquids, sweat and stains using proprietary nanotechnology. This self- cleaning capability reduces the need for washing while increasing its durability and lifespan which is life-changing for those who do not have access to regularly cleaned clothing. At UNHOUSED. ORG, the COVID-19 pandemic saw a great period of growth as more and more people bought items online. Not only could people not get to the shops, but they were searching for a way in which they could help those who had been hardest hit. To many, UNHOUSED.ORG offered the ideal solution with high-quality clothing that was committed to giving back to the community at large. In response, the UNHOUSED.ORG team doubled down on their marketing channels with the enviable result of 150% revenue growth. That said, as an outlet which embraces new clothing lines and ideas, the difficulties of maintaining supply chains made life incredibly difficult for the team. The last eighteen months have seen enormous delays or cancellations from regular suppliers. This has often led to delays for customers of up to two weeks. By optimising what resources are W available, the team have been able to better serve customers through these unprecedented lockdowns. Looking forward, UNHOUSED.ORG are intending to develop new solutions for the homeless that embrace the technology of the age. This has started with their self-cleaning clothing options, but is already looking to the potential of what 3D printing can do for the market. Smart 1-for-1 matching forms the heart of this innovative start-up, but it has already started to reach out into new, exciting territory. The work that is done by the team at UNHOUSED.ORG makes a real material difference to many of the most vulnerable in today’s society, and has been the key to them securing a better future. Company: UNHOUSED.ORG Name: Varun Bhanot Email: varun@unhoused.org Web Address: www.unhoused.org One of the UK’s biggest challenges is its homeless population, with hundreds of thousands of people currently without a roof to rest under. We take a look at the team from UNHOUSED.ORG to see how Varun & Anisha Bhanot have leveraged technology to open up the UK’s first online clothing shop for homeless people, and how it has made an extraordinary difference to lives across the country. May21066