Legal Awards 2021

Acquisition International - Legal Awards 2021 43 Sep21583 Best Banking & Finance Law Firm 2021 - Middle East hen it comes to finding legal services in the Middle East, you should always be searching for the best of the best. Especially in the field of finance, only the cream rises to the top. For the last few years, Al-Hossam Legal has been consistently recognised for its team’s ability to thrive in a variety of different circumstances, offering new perspectives based on their long history of expertise. Over the years, the Al-Hossam Legal team have been proud to offer high-end legal services that cover a range of topics. Whether it’s corporate, commercial, banking & finance (including Islamic finance), capital markets M&A or high value commercial litigation, they have the skills and the expertise to get the job done to the highest possible standard. The team thrives not on rehashing the arguments of the past, but on finding a new pathway that allows for innovative solutions. The hard-held traditions of local laws find a worthy challenger in the diverse and talented team from Al-Hossam Legal. The guiding hand of Al-Hossam Legal comes from the top, with the partners sharing many years of knowledge on some of the region’s landmark projects, transactions and commercial litigations. The team are renowned within Kuwait and the GCC for their skill, and have recently extended their reach to other countries. For those who want a comprehensive solution that incorporates Shari`ah compliant transactions into the very fabric of a business deal, there is nowhere better to turn. Drafting documents that stand up in a court of law is no easy task, but it’s the very work in which the Al-Hossam Legal team specialises. Their work has been tested in courts across the Middle East, setting impressive precedents and suggesting legislative changes that are approved of by the Kuwaiti Parliament. While some law firms are content simply to abide by what has gone before, the Al-Hossam Legal team are always striving to make a better system for the rest of society. The success of Al-Hossam Legal has allowed the team to grow to new and impressive heights. Many of the world’s most highly regarded brands rely upon the Al-Hossam Legal team to stay ahead W of the game. The team offer them an incredible experience which has been transformative for many. Some even take on the firm on a permanent retainer, allowing them access to their skills and expertise. These clients include major local and multinational banks, financial institutions, corporations, governmental and sovereign entities, high net worth family offices plus private client and international law firms representing a full range of industry sectors. This is where the challenge arises for the team, but the challenge is what keeps the firm putting its best forward. Put simply, the Al-Hossam Legal offers an approach which has seen them secure their place in the market as a leading service provider. Their detailed and practical attitude, combined with a creative streak that keeps them pushing forward is the secret behind their incredible success. Understandably recognised for being the best of the bet in the Middle East, we look forward to the incredible achievements the firm will manage in the weeks and months to come. Company: Al-Hossam Legal Name: Hossam Abdullah Email: It’s not enough to have the technical knowledge of the legal industry. Nothing trumps experience. That’s the approach championed by the team at Al-Hossam Legal, who have many landmark projects under their belt. Their knowledge has won them incredible success in the AI Legal Awards 2021. We take a closer look to find out more.