Legal Awards 2021

42 Acquisition International - Legal Awards 2021 Sep21628 their services. The team behind WHOSE IP AGENCY have taken the chance to find a place in a newly internationalized world by working with creators around the world. Working across 17 countries, the team at WHOSE IP AGENCY have managed to achieve the remarkable in the industry. It’s a start that seems certain to continue expanding. WHOSE IP AGENCY has just opened its new Madrid office, and is always on the lookout for what their clients want to achieve. A case in point is their newly developed department, WHOSE MUSIC. This has been designed by the team’s talented legal counsel, not just from WHOSE IP AGENCY, but from outside the company. Incorporating taxation and labour matters for musicians, composers and producers, from amateurs to established agents, this will transform the department into one which is comprehensive and supportive no matter what. We can’t wait to see what they do next! Company: WHOSE IP AGENCY Name: Joaquín Soler Email: ; Web Address: IP Law Firm of The Year - Spain reative work deserves the ultimate in protection, but this protection can only be completed by the best in the business. The team at WHOSE IP AGENCY work exclusively in this highly specialized field, pushing forward on a bold new path to success in the industry. WHOSE IP AGENCY focuses on the areas of Intellectual Property, Unfair Competition and New Technologies, namely because these are the areas of IP law which affect creative minds the most. While much of what WHOSE IP AGENCY does is deliver legal services to help clients to protect and capitalize, the secondary aim of their work is to promote an awareness of intellect property and the development of creativity within society himself. As people become more aware of the importance of IP law, more and more people are coming to focus on this important topic, particularly copyright law. The team at WHOSE IP AGENCY have worked as legal counsels and representatives for reference organizations and public institutions, building on the knowledge of creatives ranging from writers to musicians to photographers. Much of the team’s mindset is built around a desire to develop both young creatives and young legal minds. WHOSE IP AGENCY has been crucial in the establishment of various startups and freelancers while also looking for talented folk who care about culture, the arts and its protection. While the WHOSE IP AGENCY team offer the opportunity for a wealth of experience, their specialized nature means that experienced lawyers are drawn in to learn more. As a law firm focused on intellectual property, the COVID-19 pandemic has proven to be a difficult time for the culture they are determined to protect. While new forms of making and distributing culture have come to the fore, the challenge has been to ensure that the law can keep up with the way things are now being done. The internet has done wonderful things, but legislation must adapt to suit the pace of innovation. In Spain, unfortunately, intellectual property is still regarded as a second level subject. This is likely to change as other organizations take the matter more seriously, such as the EU with its newly introduced Digital Single Market Directives. As the world becomes more and more globalized, it’s clear that the legal industry will have to grow to match the astonishing demand for C Staying on top in the world of intellectual property is no easy task, but the team at WHOSE IP AGENCY specialize in helping their clients to protect and capitalize on their own creations. We take a closer look at how they have grown as a company, following their incredible success in the AI Legal Awards 2021.