Legal Awards 2021

Acquisition International - Legal Awards 2021 41 Oct21148 Best Specialist Employment Law Practice - London inding an employment law firm that covers everything you need can be a difficult task. However, Cavendish Employment Law Limited is there for all of your employment and HR law needs. Specialising in employment law means that Cavendish can streamline its knowledge and expertise for every client that it encounters. Known for being efficient and deeply wise, Cavendish is a practical and pre-emptive firm that puts its clients’ needs first in a timely manner that allows clients to fully understand and benefit from its experience. Working with employment law for employees and executives, Cavendish works in areas such as settlement agreements, unfair dismissals, disciplinary proceedings, and discrimination. It also operates in areas such as grievances, family rights, whistleblowing, and much more. When it comes to employment law and HR for employers, Cavendish has experience in HR service, tribunal claims, equal opportunities, and more. It is flexible and educated in these many areas so that it can aid as many people as possible across a range of subjects. Even though the Covid-19 pandemic hit businesses hard, Cavendish has remained a highly competitive and successful firm that helps all kinds of organisations from SME businesses and charities to schools and universities. Cavendish’s ethos was built upon the foundation of delivering receptive, solution-focused legal advice with an up front and open attitude towards costs for each client. By being so transparent, Cavendish has become a respectable and well trusted law firm that provides the best advice at a reasonable price. Due to its exponential growth and excellent customer service, Cavendish has now won Best Specialist Employment Law Practice – London. By being based in this location it is able to reach a dense number of clients who are all based in the south of the UK. By connecting with all of these locations, Cavendish has managed to spread itself far and wide for a strong and unwavering future alongside its long-lasting relationships with plenty of returning customers. Not only is Cavendish based in London, but it also has an extensive collection of lawyers across the UK. This means that it can match the correct expert to the client, so that people everywhere can have the F help that they need. This may be done remotely and on a face-to- face basis so that clients can be reached in all places in the country. For the future, Cavendish will be continuing on its path of accomplishment as it helps numerous clients from around the UK. Due to its dedication, it is consistently stepping up to the plate and inspiring law firms all around. Contact: Caroline Walker Company: Cavendish Employment Law Limited Web Address: Cavendish Employment Law Limited is an award-winning employment lawyer company that provides senior employees and finance executives with experienced lawyers for all of their employment law needs. Here we look at the work that Cavendish does as it continues to help businesses everywhere.