Legal Awards 2021

Acquisition International - Legal Awards 2021 31 Best Debt Collection Call Centre Facility 2021 – South Africa Based in Johannesburg, Concept Recoveries is a debt collection call centre, dealing with high and low volume collections across all facets of the secured and unsecured market. Recently, we profiled the firm to discover more about the award-winning services the team provides following its recent success in the AI Legal Awards 2021. Oct21183 stablished in 2015 as a young and diverse debt collection call centre facility, Concept Recoveries’ people have since proved with their knowledge and understanding that there is a reason they are considered a leading figure in the South African debt collection industry. Offering soft collections in the legal space to banks, retailers, corporates and the private sector, Concept Recoveries’ core value is to provide professional and unbeatable services to all sizes of businesses, while striving to be the best in the industry. In an attempt to differentiate itself from its closest competitors, Concept Recoveries treats each client equally, no matter the situation. Irrespective of the demographic of the client and their financial situation, it spends equal resources on each customer. Cherry picking is not an option and the firm promises to give each matter its full attention. E With regards to the team culture in place at Concept Recoveries, a professional service is ignited through moral and ethical principles, created through its mission statement. Moreover, in every aspect of the firm’s work, each member must show dedication, enthusiasm, accuracy, and reliability. This is taught to any new member of the team that joins Concept Recoveries, and through leadership and mentoring, it ensures the continuity of these principles across all sectors. If we take a closer look at the legal industry today, arguably the biggest challenge for businesses right now is operating in a struggling economy with the impact of COVID. However, keeping their clients happy has to be the ultimate aim for the firm. COVID is having a large impact on the increased unemployment within South Africa, and the biggest challenge facing Concept Recoveries is getting customers to pay more regularly on a month to month basis, to get them to adhere to their payment plans and to keep clients happy with results of collections. However, in order for the client to provide the firm with more work, it has to make sure that it is able to collect more money from the customers. On the recruitment side, while it is important to hire the right person for the job, it is essential they also fit in with the culture of the company. As a company, Concept Recoveries keeps in mind the country’s need to provide employment within the youth sector when hiring new staff members. On a regular basis, it uses referrals from current staff members or uses social media to advertise available positions. Candidates are required to do aptitude tests to ensure that they are the right person for the job and will fit in with the culture of the firm. Looking towards the future, Concept Recoveries plans to increase its call centre team through its youth employment programme, supporting South African youth and flattening the unemployment rate. Additionally, it is also looking to expand its client base by not only dealing with the legal sector but also branching out into the sales sector in the call centre space. Company: Concept Recoveries Contact: Courtney Bam Email: Website: