Legal Awards 2021

Acquisition International - Legal Awards 2021 29 individuals who understand the importance of making dreams come true for families of all profiles and social classes. The company intends to expand by offering immigration services to other countries, such as Canada, England, Australia. Overall, what sets D4U apart from its competitors is its customer service. D4U has a 98% approval rate, and customers are not just a number for the firm. D4U has thousands of customers and claims to know the story of each one personally. At D4U, no one within the company is left without an answer, and the same is true for the individuals it works with. D4U walks together with the clients until the Green Card is delivered. Even non-customers use this benefit, using its social networks to ask questions and get more knowledge about immigration in the USA – answers that competitors would not give. Furthermore, D4U aims to reach more numbers of professionals and families who want an opportunity to live and work within the USA; using its guidance and understanding of the law to help more individuals achieve their dreams and to help facilitate the growth of the US as well. Sep21210 Company: D4U USA Group Name: Wagner Pontes Email: Web Address: Best Latin America/USA Immigration Firm - USA 4U has a team of highly qualified professionals who provide the security that its customers need in this critical moment of their lives. D4U is concerned with looking at the professional history of each client, valuing their past and delivering beyond what is proposed. When clients enter D4U, they are thinking about the possibility of living in the United States and employing their knowledge and skillsets within a role there. As such, in addition to the immigration petition, D4U also provides other benefits, free of charge, that will help our clients in this new beginning. The benefits of choosing an exceptional firm such as D4U is that it offers financial planning, tax planning consultation and consultation with a headhunter. Additionally, D4U offers support, either through its six offices spread across Brazil and the USA, or a custom-made cellphone application which offers convenience for its clients to monitor their immigration petition in the palm of their hand. The team at D4U has numerous professionals, most of whom are lawyers within the United States or Brazil. When recruiting to the D4U team, in addition to a selection process to learn about their professional and academic experiences, D4U makes sure to look for people with personalities that align with the work it does; for D D4U USA Group is an immigration advisory firm that has helped thousands of people since 2015 to acquire permanent residence in the United States. Recently recognized as the Best Latin America/USA Immigration Firm in the USA, D4U are specialists in visas for professionals and investors.