Legal Awards 2021

28 Acquisition International - Legal Awards 2021 Best Emerging IP Law Firm - Chile hen Ruiz Salazar was first established, it focused primarily on protecting web domains in arbitration trials for better law. It then expanded to the protection and registration of trademarks, emphasising comprehensive protection for the entrepreneur. Since its foundation, the firm has adapted to specialise in comprehensive legal advice in intellectual and industrial property. Moreover, the lawyers at Ruiz Salazar have extensive and broad ranging legal expertise, which can be utilised to ensure that every step clients’ take will be supported so that they can focus on growing towards achieving their objectives. In the intellectual property arena, Ruiz Salazar provides advice on copyright matters (registration and defence of artistic, scientific, and literary works created by clients) and contracts to regulate intangible assets created by companies and universities. Regarding its efforts in industrial property, the firm provides advice and defence in national and foreign trademark registrations, phonetic, graphic, and conceptual surveillance (using artificial intelligence) of trademarks, trademark and patent licenses, and franchises. Additionally, it offers advice in invention patent registrations, industrial designs, utility models, defence of web domains, early and late revocation arbitration trials in the field of web domains. The core values at the firm have been maintained since its establishment and are related to providing specialised, close, and quality advice to all clients so that they can always rely on Ruiz Salazar for their legal needs. Thus, both new and well-established members of the Ruiz Salazar team share values such as tolerance, respect, and equality. The firms’ primary objective is to differentiate itself from the competition, which is why, since its launch, it has formed a team with high standards, with a focus on both human and academic aspects. Regarding the human aspect, Ruiz Salazar looks for ethical professionals, concerned about their peers, responsible and highly vocational towards the work that must be done. Academically, the firm looks for the best in each place of study and, with the addition of conducting ongoing training, forms a team that is prepared, attentive, and alert to new alternatives that it can offer concerning industrial and intellectual property matters. For Ruiz Salazar, the biggest challenge for the firm has been to position itself as a modern and accessible alternative, always using technological tools such as software, social networks, and other current mechanisms W Ruiz Salazar is a consolidated organisation with more than 14 years of experience and trajectory, offering specialist legal advice on a comprehensive range of matters within the sector, including those relating to Intellectual Property. The firm has recently been recognised for its excellence in this arena at the AI Legal Awards 2021. Company Name: Ruiz Salazar Email: Web Address: Sep21250 as support. This has allowed Ruiz Salazar to reach an essential closeness with its clients regardless of the distance. Moreover, since the arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic, the firm realised that the decision to become more modern has played in its favour. Despite mobility restrictions in its country, Ruiz Salazar never stopped providing a quality service to customers, being already familiar with remote work tools and other technologies. For Ruiz Salazar, the firm’s most remarkable development has been to be one of the first legal firms in the country to use technology as a fundamental tool in daily work, leaving behind paper-based procedures, incomprehensible language, lack of access to information and other practices that are common in older firms or those with a different working vision. It is differentiated by the age of its collaborators, being a modern alternative to clients’ needs. This differentiation has positioned Ruiz Salazar in the market as a novelty compared to its competitors. Furthermore, Ruiz Salazar has continued to improve and learn about new areas related to intellectual property and its forms of protection, which day by day are appearing and being a challenge for the firm as specialist lawyers. Currently, its focus will remain on intellectual property protection for emerging industries, such as fashion, videogames, artificial food, internet apps and mor, thereby adapting and evolving within the industry to remain the best law firm in Chile.