Legal Awards 2021

Acquisition International - Legal Awards 2021 27 Most Innovative Criminal Defence Solicitors 2021 - South East England Spartans Law Limited, a steadfast and highly diligent legal firm operating out of the South of England, provides criminal defence solutions that put the person first. With an in-depth, broad, and highly exemplary knowledge base behind each and every one of its solicitors, the brilliant team work hard to deploy the best legal defence in the business, operating with empathy and sensitivity all the while. With a myriad of staunch values forming a strong core that it can extend out to its clients, it promises to tease out all the details of the case at hand, leaving no stone unturned so that justice and fairness may prevail. Sep21251 law firm that has developed a reputation for defending themost serious and complex criminal cases worldwide, Spartans Law Limited has been recognised by a variety of governing bodies and awards boards for its excellence and hard work. With a motto of ‘it is the spirit and not the form of the law that keeps justice alive’, and that ‘justice delayed is justice denied’, it thoroughly believes in the strength of its team and their professionalism, each of whom are paragons of hard work and legal knowledge. Fundamentally, Spartans offers legal aid for all manner of serious and complex cases. Working with cases containing murder and homicide, terrorism, sexual offenses, VAT and duty fraud, Tax fraud, restraint orders, youth court, crown court, A general crime, S20 GBH, driving or vehicular offenses, and more, it can even offer police station representation to its clients. All in all, it values its clients. From the very first interaction with them, its legal experts will get to know the person and the case in order to pick out the minute details that others may have missed. After all, it knows that no two cases are ever the same; and that nothing is ever as simple as it seems. Its Spartans criminal defence professionals are each astute, supportive, and diligent, forever dedicated to rising to the challenge and known for asking all the right questions in order to probe a problem in a sensible and practical manner. Furthermore, it takes pride in the ethics with which it operates – and the steadfast belief that with tenacity, justice will prevail – operating with the strictest levels of discretion at all times. This makes Spartans the perfect solution for particularly high-profile cases, as much of the buzz about this company ends up mentioning the ability it has cultivated in keeping its potentially high media interest cases out of the public domain until it is completely safe for it to be made public, if ever. As a result, the solicitor-client relationship that it builds with its clientele is one built on service, trust, and the personal connection that results. Moreover, operating in this way ensures that the case will be handled properly from the defence side and ensures that the person remains its strictest priority throughout the minutia of the legal side of things. With its free, no-obligation initial discussion available to its clients, it offers its clients a myriad of ways to explore how it can work together with them. Firstly, it offers a manner through which to make an online enquiry, or invites them to call its 24 hour emergency number through which one of its operatives will always be available to talk through any questions, queries, comments, or concerns. It knows how much of a difficult time its clients can be going through, and so it will always strive to work with empathy and sensitivity from the very beginning, something for which it has been lauded as consistently top-of-the- class in, and something that it will staunchly continue to hold fast to as it moves forward into the future. Company: Spartans Law Limited Contact: Syed Shah Website: