Legal Awards 2021

Acquisition International - Legal Awards 2021 19 Sep21973 Best Full Service Law Firm 2021 - Isle of Man uinn Legal, a friendly and approachable full-service law firm, is a company located on the Isle of Man. Proud of its locale, its surrounding community, and its team, it will always extend its best foot forward towards its clients and get to know them and the challenges they are facing from the inside out. Fundamentally, and with a motto of being ‘boldly different’, this firm ensures that each and every customer who walks through its doors walks out satisfied, putting the utmost diligence and tenacity into every case it is handed without fail. In essence, whatever the client and whatever the task at hand, it will always ply its trade to improve lives across the board. This is all emboldened by the strong set of values that make up the core pillars of Quinn Legal. Critically, each of these are visible in the organisation and structure of the firm, as well as in the way each of its exemplary solicitors interacts with its clientele, working with integrity, contribution, proactive mindsets, fun, empathy, and team spirit in order to resolve any questions, queries, comments, or concerns. Moreover, each of these principles forms a reason why Quinn Legal has become the one-stop-shop legal solutions firm for so many, having garnered a significant roster of clients who trust it implicitly. In addition, it promises a friendly and accepting atmosphere from the very first interaction, setting itself apart from the crowd with a legal experience like no other and customer service that will put a client immediately at ease, reassuring them that they made the right choice in putting their trust in Quinn Legal. It has been cultivating this exemplary atmosphere ever since its founding in 2009. With a fun, smart, and imaginative personality and a whip-sharp wit that creates a vibrant atmosphere and outstanding legal solutions, it doesn’t entertain tradition or stereotypes, favouring a contemporary and modern approach that it can adapt to fit each one of its clients. After all, it knows better than most that no two clients are every the same, and neither are the cases they bring to the table. Thus, it will always go that extra mile to get to know them as people before they suggest any solutions or strategies, taking the time to investigate which option would truly be correct for them so that the client can enjoy an effective and sustainable outcome. This informal yet diligent structure run by a staff that are approachable, charismatic, and good humoured ensures that the clients feel totally supported by the people behind the scenes at Quinn Legal, unburdened by bloated processes and reems of unnecessary jargon. Going forward, it will Q continue being a disruptive force for good in the legal field on the Isle of Mann, phasing out hourly rates and moving towards a fixed fee and subscription service for its regulars. Additionally, it has also launched its own app, and will be continuing with its charity work such as walking 26,352,664 steps for Hospice at Home Isle of Man, jumping in the mud on the Lisa Lowe Appeal Walk and Tough Mann challenge, wearing orange wigs with pride to support the Anaphylaxis Campaign and even bracing itself for the viral ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Company: Quinn Legal Contact: Brad Meecham Website: Operating in the picturesque region of the Isle of Mann, Quinn Legal is a law firm that has made itself an integral part of its local community. Working hard to secure a reputation for being a linchpin of social corporate responsibility, friendliness, and empathy in the region, it has made a name for itself with its charity work and its brilliant legal solutions. Operating with sophistication, dedication, and tenacity, the heart of Quinn Legal is, in essence, the staff and clients who have made it the firm that it is today.