Legal Awards 2021

18 Acquisition International - Legal Awards 2021 Oct21019 that ensures no stone remains unturned, but that its professionals can also get a good overview of the case at large. In this way, it manages to uphold a systematic approach to finding the right solutions for the right clients. Critically, it will work hard to add value to its client’s activities and optimize their investments across the board, showing an in-depth understanding of its client’s needs so that it can find the correct legal approach, every time. Company: AAMM (Abecasis, Moura Marques e Associados) Contact: Dr. Paulo de Moura Marques Website: Public Law Firm of the Year - Portugal AMM – or Abecasis, Moura Marques e Associados – is a widely recognised legal firm in the areas of tax, public law, and private clients. Due to the excellence and rigour of the services it provides, with an array of proven results, it stands for ‘getting it right’ at every turn and is emboldened by a team of specialist lawyers, each of whom are foremost professionals in their fields. With every staff member bringing a new perspective and specialization to the table, it has been able to accumulate a team of people who are each recognized as exemplary in their specific areas, providing tailor-made legal advice under the banner of AAMM to help meet the needs of its clients. Fundamentally, it does this by aiding them in the development of solutions for the challenges of the present, and strategies for the challenges of the future, resulting in corporate moves that promise to take the client’s business to the next level. In essence, it is critically aware that in order to reach the milestones needed for true corporate success, a business must display thorough knowledge of the law of the local area; this is where the dedication to the client that AAMM is infused with truly shines, as it will make itself a partner to their business in order to work out how best to accomplish this. Therefore, its stunning efforts have secured it a vast network of exemplary business contacts in its clients past and present, for many of whom AAMM is there one stop shop when it comes to public law, taxation, and more. With its legal advice and representation in Portugal, it supports its clients in the international markets where they do business. Furthermore, it is involved in major projects both nationally and internationally, making itself an invaluable part of the operations behind each of these motions, working hard to ensure that all elements of a client’s case are well taken care of, undaunted by any challenge that may lie therein. This also feeds into the AAMM core value of social concern and social responsibility. In essence, it has a strict dedication to ensuring that its work contributes to helping the world at large, hoping to lead from the front to show how a legal firm can ensure it is upholding its own level of corporate social responsibility. This sets it apart from its competition very effectively, but in addition to this, it also sets itself apart with its globalized and in-depth vision. AAMM’s goals allow it to see the big picture whilst also enabling it to focus in on the minute details, resulting in a comprehensive service A Abecasis, Moura Marques e Associados, or AAMM, is a legal firm offering first class legal services to clients operating both nationally and internationally. Keeping corporate social responsibility and its duty to its wider industry at the forefront of its operations, it is dedicated to ensuring to get to know each and every element of its client’s business, working in close tandem with them in order to choose and implement the best legal solutions that will help them to achieve the best results possible from a case.