Legal Awards 2021

14 Acquisition International - Legal Awards 2021 Aug21256 Commercial Law Firm of the Year - Gauteng Having made itself a truly outstanding example of a forward-thinking law firm, HJV Attorneys Inc serves the businesses of its region in order to bolster their structural governance and overall compliance. Offering a vast range of services, and with each professional in its team being an empathic and understanding solicitor who boasts a vast depth of knowledge, it has garnered attention in its market segment by consistently guiding its clients through the minutia of legal proceedings with contemporary, client-focused, and cost-effective solutions. JV Attorneys Inc, established in 2015, was founded by Annick Hough-Bergh off the back of the exemplary level of knowledge and expertise she has earned throughout her career. Implementing this as the backbone of the firm has had the benefit of allowing her to bring amotto that she has been implementing throughout her career to the wider field in general, showing her clients and peers how ‘prevention is better than cure’ in most cases. Preventative law, in essence, is the cornerstone element of this business’s operations, and something it takes great pride in offering. Fundamentally, HJV Attorneys puts a stop to problems before they arise, using a width and breadth of legal knowledge and exemplary business acumen in order to identify problems, recommend legal solutions, and act before a lawsuit is filed or compliance issues are raised. Furthermore, it can also help a client who is already in the thick of it. Should a client find themselves past the point of preventative measures, HJV Attorneys will always be able to step up to the plate and help them with their lawsuit of compliance case in order to achieve the most favourable results. Annick and her team have an impeccable success rate and a stunning dedication to its client’s satisfaction that has allowed it to quickly climb to and remain at the top of the industry, serving its clients with all manner of legal services such as compliance, establishing business entities, resolving labour issues and contractual disputes, addressing intellectual property law, and more. It can even work with labour legislation and dispute resolution within the backdrop of the CCMA and labour court, from disciplinary hearings to contract procurement, policy and document retention, and company secretarial work. HJV Attorneys has thusly made a name for itself by being one of the new generation of lawyers. Far from clinging on to the operations of the past, HJV Attorneys pushes forwards towards a bright future for itself, its industry, and its clients, implementing flexible and adaptive solutions that can respond with sophistication to the dynamic and fluctuating world of legislation. Moreover, at HJV Attorneys, a client becomes family; its team will always strive to work in collaboration with them and tease out the in-depth details of the case, maintaining a culture of understanding and empathy throughout its work. This has allowed it to respond in an adaptive and exemplary way to the Covid-19 crisis. H Having seen the courts be forced to adapt to the new norm, it also morphed and adapted internally to fit, bringing on electronic case management and litigation systems that allowed legal professionals to enrol matters, file documents, and present evidence. Working with its peers and industry to implement these changes in such a way that wouldn’t negatively impact the clients was its core priority, and although it was an initial struggle, it believes these new solutions will be ultimately beneficial in the long run. After all, HJV Attorneys is a firm dedicated to providing excellent, affordable legal advice, customised to the needs of each client. In order to do this, it knows it must keep its own internal processes able to fit seamlessly around its client’s needs, something that also extends out to its legal audit service, and influences its commitment to working alongside in-house legal teams for better corporate structure, governance, and compliance. Company: HJV Attorneys Inc Contact: Annick Hough-Bergh Website: