2021 Leading Adviser Awards

30 Acquisition International - Leading Adviser 2021 18 Issue 3 2021 Innovative Quality Solutions The Romanian law firm Bradu Neagu & Associates is passionate about its work, its clients and its people. Founding partner Roman Bradu goes into depth on how the firm always puts the clients’ needs first. ith over a decade of experience in the legal business, Bradu Neagu & Associates upholds the firm belief that every problem has more than one solution. The firm attracted a talented group of lawyers, committed to providing advice and expertise at the highest levels to deliver exceptional results for the benefit of their clientele and their operations in Romania. “The secret to finding that particular resolution that is best suited to a specific case is having a strategic and dedicated mindset and cultivating a fresh perspective”, reveals the firm’s partner, Roman Bradu. Dr. Roman Bradu graduated from the University of Bucharest’s Faculty of Law in 2005, soon adding another scholarly milestone with a Master’s Degree in 2006. To the furtherance of his academic path, he became a Doctor in Law, completing his PhD at the same prestigious University of Bucharest in 2011. He is a member of the Bucharest Bar and has broad experience in various fields of law. Nevertheless, his primary focus is criminal law, acting as an adviser, especially in white-collar crime cases. His portfolio comprises Romanian and international enterprises, and Roman acts mainly on behalf of the companies’ management. He has been involved with some of the most prestigious criminal cases related to money laundering and tax evasion. Roman has a profound understanding of his clients’ business and performs in accordance with their industry in a manner that befits their needs and benefits everyone. “Building credibility is about earning respect by keeping commitments and operating with a strong sense of purpose,” he explains. “Our actions match our words.” The challenge for Roman is always to keep himself well informed and deliver state-of-the-art solutions. As a white-collar litigator, Roman provides his individual and corporate clients with invaluable insights into the most high-stakes criminal enforcement issues, both before and after an enforcement case begins, from compliance counselling to internal investigations and criminal defence before the courts of law. The firm does not offer “off-the-shelf” resources and quick fixes. Conversely, Roman and the team tailor-make everything to suit people’s missions, challenges and expectations. “Our leading core value is the people: the people we work with, the people we work for. We do not endorse standard practice and standard outcomes; we advocate for adding value and building longterm partnerships.” W Nov20465 What separates Bradu Neagu & Associates from competitors is its rare pledge to excellence and business mindfulness. Roman describes what this implies: “Quality in the relationship with our patrons, quality in the delivery of our advice, quality in approaching each assignment with consideration to details and focus on sound business strategies. For our clients, we always aim to think ahead, think big, and never miss any details.” Regarding the future, Roman envisions business as usual and reiterates his firm’s engagement for first-class services and innovation. “Ultimately, we aim to be a beacon of hope at times when their options might appear limited, and the likelihood of a satisfactory resolution might seem almost impossible.” “Our leading core value is the people: the people we work with, the people we work for. We do not endorse standard practice and standard outcomes; we advocate for adding value and building long-term partnerships.” Leading White-Collar Crime Lawyer of the Year, Romania