2021 Leading Adviser Awards

Acquisition International - Leading Adviser 2021 31 Acquisition I ternational - Issue 5 2 Company: You are Capital SL. Name: Jean François Alandry Email: info@youarecapital.com Web Address: www.youarecapital.com Securing a Sustainable Society ased in Barcelona, but with more than 20 partners worldwide, You are Capital boasts the ideal team for the job. With a combined thirty years of expertise between them, it’s little wonder that they have been able to achieve such incredible success. The firm thrives on its work in the corporate sphere, offering advice in M&A, private equity advisory, fundraising, debt raising, pre-IPOs and private wealth advisory in the industries of tech, media, B2B services, consumer brands & retail, life sciences, environment & renewable energy, disruptive industries and leisure & experiences. The high level of focus that the team offers is a key part of how they have been able to thrive over the last few years. One of the aspects of the firm that sets them apart is their ability to deliver cross border transactions. These deals leverage the extensive networks of You are Capital’s international partners and its international execution team. While able to support clients in many different environments, they have an edge when it comes to IT Services, Technologies, Healthcare, Life Sciences, Environment and Renewable Energies, B2B services, Consumer Brand, Retail, Leisure, Industry, and Media. Over the years, You are Capital has developed a reputation that is second to none. This reputation has allowed the team to secure a constant deal flow within their existing client base. The team’s incredible access to M&A and Capital Raising intelligence allows them to pitch their services to existing and new clients alike. By building on what they have done before, working with entrepreneurs, banks, managers, legal advisers, auditing firms and other financial advisers, You are Capital is able to constantly screen the market for new and exciting business opportunities. The international nature of the business puts them in another league when compared to the competition, while the specificity of their support ensures that the team can lead the way when helping clients. As a firm which is entirely independent, but able to draw on multiple pools of specialist talent, the team can ensure that the solutions they devise are always aligned with the needs of their clients. As an advisory firm, the talents of those who work on the team are what drives trust in the business. The partners selected to work with the team at You are Capital are some of the best professionals in the business. They have consolidated experience in M&A and Corporate Finance and both origination and execution capabilities. Any new recruits must fit into this desire to achieve corporate excellence. B As the firm recovers from the odd year of 2020, the team are looking to consolidate their impressive position in Spain, while increasing their market share in the mid-market segment in countries such as France, UK, Germany Italy, and Portugal. With partners in Asia, the team have created solid ground on which to construct a base in China, Hong-Kong, and Turkey. With opportunities coming from their presence internationally, particularly in the US and Africa, it’s clear that the demand for their work is not likely to be going away any time soon. At the heart of You are Capital is a desire to become a leading, global, independent corporate finance advisory firm with expertise in a vast range of verticals, offering local expertise but with a global perspective. Their work over the last few years, and their success in Acquisition International’s Leading Advisor awards proves that they are on the right track. The growth of business is important, but for the team at You are Capital SL, the aim is to ensure that any deals that are made promote the sustainability and wellbeing of society. The firm was named Leading M&A and Private Equity Advisory of the Year, Spain in Acquisition International’s rolling series of Leading Advisor awards. We dig a little deeper into how it has achieved such success. Mar21101 Leading M&A and Private Equity Advisory of the Year, Spain