2021 Influential Businesswoman Awards

Acquisition International - Influential Businesswoman Awards 2021 Most Outstanding Wedding Planner (Las Vegas): Brittany Griffor couples of all personality types, it is honoured by their support and thanks them for championing its work, excited to create yet more stunning weddings for the new clients they send Symphony’s way. In addition, it has brought itself notoriety with one very important detail. Fun. When wedding planning, Brittany and the Symphony team make sure that no element of discussing a client’s special day is boring or overly laden with jargon, keeping everything as stress-free and positive as possible by ensuring everything remains within the right time scales and to budget. Furthermore, her work is always done with the tenants of honesty and knowledge close to her heart. In all things, the Symphony team will be upfront with a client regarding certain ideas and products, letting them know when something would and wouldn’t work in order to guide their eye towards a better or more suitable option whilst still maintaining a respect for the client’s wants and needs. Her unique suggestions are also something that promise to set a client’s wedding day apart from the rest, as Brittany’s experience in the industry allows her an in-depth knowledge of where to get certain elements that may otherwise be hard to source. Currently in the process of recording a podcast about wedding tips and tricks that is slated for release soon, Symphony is excited about the bright future that is surely ahead, looking forward to creating the perfect day for yet more clients as it moves towards the rest of the year. Company: Symphony Weddings & Events Contact: Brittany Griffor Website: symphonywed.com