2021 Influential Businesswoman Awards

26 Acquisition International - Influential Businesswoman Awards 2021 Aug21791 Most Outstanding Wedding Planner (Las Vegas): Brittany Griffor Symphony Weddings & Events, a comprehensive planning service that specialises in full-service wedding creation all around the world, has been making a name for itself with its exemplary, diligent planning services. Led by wedding creation expert, Brittany Griffor, Symphony takes the professional acumen and knowledge of its team and puts it to the task of developing the most stunning, individually focused, and stress-free weddings for its clientele. aving elevated the wedding planning experience to grand new heights, Symphony Weddings & Events is heralding in a new era of wedding planning. Fundamentally, its full-service and highly dedicated experience will help guide its clients as they explore the wide world of wedding planning, making themselves the conductors that pull together the various elements that a client wants into a beautiful end product. It combines expertise, knowledge, and passion in order to do this, something that its clients can feel running through every element of this business’s operation right from the very first interaction as Symphony provides a seamless planning experience from beginning to end. In this manner, Symphony wishes for nothing more than to create a client’s dream day. This is something that it has proven proficient in over and over again, no matter how granular the requirements or how far-flung the ideas may seem, applying its determination and hard- earned contact network to the task of securing all the different parts that make up a great wedding. By working in this way, Symphony takes the stress off of the client. It knows that wedding planning is a lot of time and effort, and that not everyone has the hours in the day needed to sort everything to the level they want; this is where its exemplary team can step in to help, allowing the client to just sit back and enjoy the process. Furthermore, it welcomes the notion of allowing clients as much or as little input as they like, and is expert at teasing out the detail. If a client is unsure about what they would like, Symphony’s expert team can work with them in order to get a better idea of them as people and what kind of day would best reflect them. Specialists in weddings all across the world but with an especially wide portfolio in Las Vegas, Nevada, it allows the busy modern individual the chance to have a wedding day with every detail paid special attention to in order to create a gorgeous final tapestry, guiding the client through the run-up one step at a time. Symphony, by taking it at the client’s own pace and timescale, creates a gentle and friendly approach to its business. The last thing it wants is for a client to feel rushed; after all, it is their day, and the element of a wedding day that matters the most is creating a space of pure joy for the couple to celebrate their love for each other, and the future H that lies ahead. Moreover, its efforts create timeless and romantic celebrations that are infused with care and attention, allowing guests to walk into a stunning event that will remain with them even after they have left. It is, after all, the Symphony promise that in every single detail it will give a client their all. Its designers create an atmosphere within the studio of diligence and tenacity, treating each wedding as though it were their own in order to grant the client peace of mind that nothing will go unattended to and keeping the couple up to date with the proceedings throughout the entire process to ensure that everything fits their vision. Additionally, it knows that no couple is the same – and so no two weddings will be either – and has developed the core of its business around being able to cater to this individualism. It starts with the detailed planning in which Symphony will match the personalities, goals, and ambitions before them with the perfect ideas. In addition, it can offer these services for so much more than just its classic full-service wedding planning, gaining yet more notoriety through plying its trade in other events planning spaces across a myriad of types for a variety of clients. Alongside its comprehensive and exhaustive wedding planning, it also offers elopement planning, day-of coordination, and partial planning services, ready to jump into whatever role would help a client the most. Essentially, this is its core goal; it only wishes to offer what would help a client the most, with the owner and lead planning and designer Brittany dedicating herself to making this happen due to her incredible passion for wedding planning and shaping one of the most landmark days of a person’s life. Brittany becomes so close to a client throughout the process, allowing her to become not just a wedding planner, but a friend to the couple, with many of her clients going on to become good friends and solid advocates for the business. Therefore, Brittany and the Symphony team receive many new clients through referrals and recommendations. Once a client has experienced the stunning service and expert effort that Symphony puts into its work, they cannot help but to go on to ensure their friends and family are aware of what a difference great wedding planning can make. Celebrated as a truly top-of-the-range business by happy