Legal Awards 2020

Acquisition International - Legal Awards 2020 43 The nature of immigration law means that Mr Zaveri and his team have had to work alongside a variety of different clients, each with their own specific needs and requirements. Meeting the unique specification that each client brings is a challenge in its own right, but Mr Zaveri has worked tirelessly to ensure no matter the difficulties, he can find a way forward. As a result, he is in demand from many professions, including individuals in academia, technology, finance, engineering, music and the performing arts. Mr Zaveri has just not had success in the legal sector. His work with business ventures and innovative start-ups gives him a unique perspective on their specific needs. In immigration law, this experience allows Zaveri Law Firm to provide guidance and insight to foreign entrepreneurs who are considering establishing businesses or who are already engaged in business enterprises in the United States. This invaluable knowledge is one of the many things that keeps people turning to Mr Zaveri for his services. Immigration law is a minefield sector, but Mr Zaveri knows the tricks of the trade that ensure people keep on moving. His work is essential to the continued success of professionals and businesses in New York City, New Jersey, and beyond. Having built his firm into a thriving industry, we’re sure to see more of this firm for the foreseeable future. Contact: Prerak A. Zaveri Web Address: Tel: +1 201.289.5393 Sep20374 here’s nothing like experience, and when a client engages Mr Zaveri, they take on someone who knows the immigration system inside and out. Mr Zaveri’s passion for this sector comes from being raised in a family and community of Indian immigrants. He has seen and learned first-hand the various challenges that immigrants, regardless of country of origin, experience while engaged in the U.S. immigration process. Mr Zaveri’s legal career began when he graduated from Vermont Law School. Here, he earned not only his Juris Doctorate, but studied to become a Master of Study in Environmental Law. This was swiftly followed by being employed to the position of Chief Information Officer at a financial risk management media start-up in New York City. This commercial experience has proved invaluable in the role that Mr Zaveri performs for businesses today. After this, he served as law clerk then associate at a New Jersey corporate and commercial litigation law firm before opening his own law firm. Mr Zaveri’s commitment and dedication to the practice of U.S. immigration and nationality law in the United States and around the world is what has guided him and his firm to their success today. Since starting the firm, Mr Zaveri has taken on a wealth of different cases, counseling individuals and businesses to ensure that they are always operating to the letter of immigration law. This is not as easy as it often appears, and Zaveri Law Firm has garnered a reputation for being able to handle a wide range of complex immigration matters and provide counsel regarding immigration strategies. The team have worked on cases involving consular issues, visas, citizenship, permanent residence, adjustments, asylum, entrepreneur immigration, investor immigration (EB-5), corporate immigration, global migration, business immigration and compliance, delivering success each and every time. T Best Immigration Law Firm - New Jersey Immigration is a contentious issue, and navigating the laws surrounding it can be tricky. Only the best lawyers can ensure success for those wanting to successfully progress through the system. The team behind Zaveri Law Firm P.C., led by Prerak A. Zaveri know how to get results that make a difference to their clients. We caught up with the team in the light of their incredible success in the AI Legal Awards 2020. Mr Zaveri’s commitment and dedication to the practice of U.S. immigration and nationality law in the United States and around the world is what has guided him and his firm to their success today.