2019 Global CFO Excellence Awards

26 Acquisition International - 2019 Global CFO Excellence Awards RBK.money is an innovative global payment platform providing payment services for the online businesses and private individuals in over 60 countries. We profile the firm with Alexander Loktev, CFO of RBK.money, to find out more about the success it enjoys today. ince its inception in 2002, RBK.money has made several innovations which have helped drive the company to the reputation for excellence and innovation that it enjoys today. The first of these innovations was the e-wallet which was developed in 2002 in Russia. Later in 2007 the firm developed the world’s first financial marketplace. Finally, in 2013 the firm created the first virtual payment cards in Russia. Headed by Denis and Kirill Burlakov since 2015, the company has developed an innovative IT structure, a new technological platform and upgraded its business. It is now poised for even more new creations which will help it to remain at the forefront of emerging developments within the ever-evolving FinTech space. Such new innovations would be impossible without a dedicated team of expert staff all driven towards creating real change within the global FinTech market. RBK.money is proud to boast a dedicated team of up to 100 payment market professionals including developers, sales staff, financiers, customer care experts and more. All of them are experts in their field and able to drive the company to success through their skills and ingenuity. S Seeking to remain ahead of these developments RBK.money is transforming into the global digital bank. The payment service is transforming into the global digital market, with the main changes will be with the protection data. As such, data protection is important area of the bank’s technology and customer experience, and will remain a key focus as the firm aims to offer its clients the exceptional standard of solutions that they have come to expect and rely upon. “I started work for RBK.money one and half year ago. I have more than 16 years of financial experience in management and financial reporting for public and non-public, budgeting, cost-controlling, analysis, forecasting, automatisation, internal controls, IPO and other areas. I have worked for fixed line broadband, mobile operator, internet classified and other companies/ projects. I have proven my ability to provide valuable perspective to executive leadership and assist in setting the vision, focus, goals, and strategies that produce unprecedented outcomes - as high as 10-20% annually. As such I have been frequently tapped to take on profit challenges with an emphasis on generating the highest ROI and delivering aggressive cost savings.” “I pride myself on being able to quickly build credibility and strong partnerships with executives, customers, and stakeholders. I have cultivated a track record of surpassing ambitious business goals and improving efficiencies while motivating cross-functional project teams that drive results and optimum performance.” “On the way to work every day, I say to myself: ‘today is a good day for a good day’. You have to start every day feeling like that is the day you’re going to make progress with your company and your team”. RBK.money believes that the digital future has arrived and that the corporate landscape is now facing major digital transformation now. In order to stay on the market and develop their business, payment providers need to disrupt business models, technology and customer experience. Looking to the future, RBK.money is considering acquiring blockchain or artificial intelligence start-ups in Russia and Europe later in the year. The company is also seeking to open a new office in Singapore later in 2019 to enhance its international presence and offer clients around the world the benefit of its cutting-edge, award-winning solutions. Company: RBK.money Name: Alexander Loktev Address: 1) Davenport House, 16 Pepper Street, London, UK, E14 9RP, 2) Russia, Moscow, str. Pavlovskaya, 7, p.1 Phone: +79264425251 Website : https://rbk.money/en/ FinTech CFO of the Year 2019 – Europe & Recognised Leaders in Online Payments

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