2019 Global CFO Excellence Awards

Acquisition International - 2019 Global CFO Excellence Awards 27 Internationally renowned, award-winning GomSpace is a leading manufacturer and supplier of nanosatellite solutions created for customers across the academic, government and commercial markets. To celebrate his success in this year’s Global CFO Awards we interviewed Troels Dalsgaard Normolle to find out more about how he is steering this truly unique company to global success. GomSpace hanks to more than 11 years of experience in the market and a track record of multiple successful missions accomplished, GomSpace has developed a profound knowledge and numerous competencies within the radio technology, nanosatellite platforms and project management sectors. Having joined the firm five years ago after being personally approached by the CEO, Troels has seen it flourish and helped it through international expansion, a selection of M&A deals and an IPO, among many other projects. His role as CFO is far-reaching and encompasses a wide variety of tasks, and as such he draws heavily on his experience working with a range of companies previously, as he highlights in his opening comments. “When I first began my career in finance I worked as a trainee with renowned auditing company Ernst & Young. Later I went to work for PwC, and at both auditing firms I enjoyed working with a variety of companies and understanding the intricacies of their finance departments. After leaving auditing I went to work as an interim financial manager of a listed company in Aalborg, and through this I was able to learn more about the other side of finance and how it felt to be running a finance department rather than auditing one. T “Five years ago, I joined GomSpace and since then I have enjoyed working as CFO and undertaking a number of roles. As the Chief Financial Officer of a listed company, I work with a range of stakeholders, supporting everyone from my own team, whom I help to uphold the values of the company, through to providing investor relations and updating analysts on our financial position so they can accurately value our company. My favourite role is as an internal business consultant, supporting our managers and business leaders and helping them to understand the financial side of the business.” Throughout his vast industry experience Troels has found that the best way to lead staff is to motivate them to enjoy their independence, as he explains. “Personally, as a leader I have a clear strategy: I seek to be a leader, rather than a manager. I am very keen for my staff to work independently, whilst at the same time making sure they have the support to fully understand and implement GomSpace’s values. Staff should always be passionate about their work and enjoy it, so that they can always perform to the best of their abilities.” “Within the financial department at GomSpace we are very fortunate to work with a team of incredibly talented staff who are dedicated to doing their best to drive this company to success. I am very proud of my team and work hard to make sure they have the support they need at all times.” Looking to the future, Troels foresees even greater success for GomSpace as this innovative company strives towards even greater growth and international recognition. “Over the coming years GomSpace will develop the reporting system further by using business intelligence tools, which will allow us to further grow and expand. I am keen to continue working towards growing the company and enhancing its already impressive success.” Company: GomSpace Contact: Troels Dalsgaard Normolle Website : https://gomspace.com Aviation & Aerospace CFO of the Year 2019 - Europe