Temptations cafe
A small café that has made itself a thriving part of a vibrant local ecosystem, Temptations is a community favourite
When it comes to understanding vulnerabilities and predicting shifts in today’s markets, data forms a major part in the decision-making
The impact on the financial world was sensationally underlined in the US, when a swathe of retail investors sought to
Atlanta, Georgia
Whether it’s because of the GRAD program, the 6 percent corporate tax rate, or one of the many grants and
Office makeover
With the new year in full swing and with the long-awaited vaccine on the horizon, it is safe to say
business start up
Are you ready to take the plunge into starting your own company? This decision is only the beginning. There are
The security needs of businesses vary greatly dependent on the sector they are in. Despite the varying requirements, each business’
employee tracking
Employee tracking provides accurate logging of employee hours, giving smarter insights not only into projected labor costs but also into
Martello Technologies
In the midst of a pandemic, using cloud-based technology such as Microsoft 365 has proven vital for employees to stay
customer engagement
Without a loyal and growing pool of customers, businesses can go down under. As such, it’s important to invest in
JPD Capital expands into Spanish market
Medicinal cannabis Private Equity fund-vehicle JPD Capital has announced it has entered into a joint venture with Verdex Group to
How can businesses better support L&D in their organisations and build effective upskilling strategies to remain competitive?