Are you looking to sell your business? Lion Business Brokers can ensure that you and your business move throughout the sales process without a hitch, offering you premium services that are supplied by its team of industry experts. Read more
According to statistics by J.P. Morgan and Real Capital Analytics, the commercial real estate market is booming, multifamily vacancies are at a record low of 4.7%, and sales of commercial properties recorded a 56% year-over-year growth in Q1 2022. Read more
Strategic acquisition remains a popular option to rapidly scale. The Private Equity ‘Buy and Build’ methodology enables portfolios to gain additional market traction whilst obtaining valuable IP and gaining useful new Human Capital. These are distinct positives, of that there is no doubt – however what are the risks relating to technology, ROI and the people within the acquired organisations? Read more
The office space motivates team members to deliver their best during the workday if the design inspires them. If the office seems dull and dreary, the workers might be too. Realizing the office needs a change is the first step to a beautiful redesign. Read more
With the leadership of newly appointed Glen Foster, Managing Director for the UK and Northern Europe, the move will be powered by Libeo’s competitive advantage and its innovative differentiating features. Read more
UK based, leading global provider of software solutions, services and technology for the telecare and telehealth markets, Tunstall Healthcare, has expanded its German presence and service offering with the acquisition of BeWo Unternehmensgruppe (BeWo). Read more
One of the biggest decisions a self-employed freelancer turned business owner has to make is deciding what type of business entity works best for them. If you’re the only owner of your company, your options often narrow down to two: an S-Corp or sole proprietorship. Read more
In such a dynamic and changeable world as cybersecurity and cyberthreat, it takes a company that is able to adapt in an efficient and sophisticated manner in order to keep up. Resecurity is a company expert at doing this, working on keeping itself competitive throughout its time in operation, offering three flagship products that have gained it a trusted and reliable reputation for exemplary cyber protection solutions. Read more
And as we move into Q4 2021, more firms in the international money transfer industry are set to add to the fireworks. Overall, though, the industry is about to get less crowded. Read more
With the continuously evolving economy, business mergers and consolidations are becoming more common. Often, there are also legalities involved in both processes, which makes it important to consult with law experts. Read more
Our world is in flux. And although collectively, we are facing many challenges right now, there are myriad opportunities growing in tandem. As many organisations restructure in an effort to weather the current climate, we will inevitably see Europe follow in the steps of the United States and witness an increase in mergers, acquisitions and divestitures. Read more