Issue 1 2020

32 Acquisition International - Issue 1 2020 Nov19079 aving been in business for more than fifteen years, EduconIndia remains a progressively-growing professional organization offering one-of-a-kind consultancy and advisory services to student populations across India. With unique systems of teaching, the firm aims to help students and physicians who want to pursue further education abroad, particularly at medical educational facilities. Connecting with students across social media platforms and the firm’s own website, EduconIndia also prepares them for global professional entrance exams as they take the next step on their journey towards becoming a doctor. Under the sage guidance of founder and CEO Ms Srinidhi Naidu, EduconIndia has continued to grow exponentially over the last fifteen years. Believing that it takes more than just books to nurture a mindset of achievement, the team at the firm bring a wealth of academic learning opportunities that help students to strengthen preparations for entrance exams into medical professions all over the world. The methods of teaching, training and tutoring can take many forms for students. From the initial application for counselling, to the job search itself, there are plenty of opportunities for students to tap into with EduconIndia. Students can train with internationally-acclaimed faculties, be mentored through admission paperwork, gain help with applying for entrance examinations, and receive specific tutoring for those exams. Every step of the journey is carefully tailored to ensure maximum gain for students. Absolutely crucial to the continued success of EduconIndia is the staff who tutor and mentor the students along the way. Bridging the gap between medical universities abroad and the aspiring doctors of tomorrow, staff empower and encourage students to adopt and embrace their own ways of learning whilst monitoring performance graphs. Everything is done with the students in mind, aimed at boosting the learning process and assisting them with whatever they need. No matter what, staff work closely and diligently alongside students to overcome obstacles and help them achieve their goals. Vital to each staff member who works with the firm is the ability to quickly gain the trust of students. Not only does this stand EduconIndia out from the competition, but it ensures that students feel comfortable with a mentor or tutor when looking ahead to aspirations of the future. With a relationship built on mutual trust, respect and understanding, each student gets the best choice of consultancy, training and regularly updated study materials to best help them prepare for assessments and future careers. Drawing on fifteen years’ experience getting the doctors of the future to where they need to be, EduconIndia has become the go- H Indian Ingenuity in Educational Excellence For many students, learning and achieving academic success requires more than simply studying books. Feeling invested in and connected with can help students go above and beyond their limitations in striving for better careers. EduconIndia is helping students and medicos do just that. Discover how it has become India’s best student training and consulting programs provider for 2019 as we take a closer look at its services. to medical educational consultancy partner. Providing students with opportunities to be the best doctors they can be, and offering medical education facilities the chance to train a new generation, all parties can achieve great things. More than simply creating careers and furthering education however, EduconIndia are helping students conquer fears both in and out of the classroom. Through problem-solving and a desire to see students approach everything as an opportunity, the firm is changing lives for the better. A source of success stories where realities and dreams blend together, this training and advisory consultancy revels in the success that students achieve through it. Contact: Ms Srinidhi Naidu Website: