Issue 1 2020

30 Acquisition International - Issue 1 2020 Oct19335 Success Through Shared Values Finding a contract research organisation that manages to combine innovation in such a safety-led environment is no easy task. Fortunately, Vantage BioTrials is perfectly positioned to help those companies that require support from Canada’s award-winning specialists in the field. We profiled Vantage BioTrials to find out more. ased in Montreal, Vantage BioTrials is a full-service Contract ResearchOrganisation (CRO) offering clinical trial management services with operational capabilities across North America, Latin America and Europe. With the proficiency to navigate through many aspects of a client’s needs, from the various stages of clinical investigations (for drugs and devices), it’s a company that has the skill to handle whatever work is thrown its way. Vantage BioTrials believes that success is achieved through shared values, common objectives and a high level of trust and transparency. The use of a centralized governance model allows for a synergistic relationship to develop common goals with its Sponsors and can introduce innovative approaches into the Sponsor-CRO relationship. Using this increased sense of trust and collaboration between the two parties only serves to support the ability of companies to share risk and commit to a long-term relationship. Vantage BioTrials continues to gain positive feedback not only from their Sponsors, but from Investigative Sites as well. A recent challenge for the company was the completion of a four-year-long Phase IV Post Market Epidemiological clinical trial into a dermatological Rare Disease indication. This project had an anticipated patient enrollment target of 24 months from the client, but Vantage BioTrials was able to accelerate this by 12 months, allowing more patients to be included in the Sponsor’s statistical analysis. This is one of the major advantages of working with a smaller company like Vantage BioTrials, as opposed to one of the larger CROs, as a smaller firm can demonstrate more flexibility in its day to day operations. With a vast client base that includes anyone that might benefit from its specialized services, Vantage BioTrials has learned to manage all sorts of projects. It’s an impressive portfolio to oversee, with clients including leading pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device and generic pharma organizations. This ability to account for a range of different needs is a credit to the enormous amount of expertise the company has gained over the years. From the big to the small, Vantage BioTrials treats all clients equally. Therefore, they are proud to partner with patients and their support groups to remind themselves of why they do what they do. Looking forward, Vantage BioTrials intends to collaborate further with patient groups in order to improve time-to-market, quality, reach and value for money. The company has already managed to connect with Colorectal Cancer Canada, and now in partnership with other patient groups, clinical research centres and industry stakeholders. All involved groups are committed to improving the quality of cancer clinical trials and access to new treatments through the integration of patient partners. B The clinical trials industry is one with incredibly close links to global markets as well as significant R&D expenditure. Every economy has its slow points and ensuring that Vantage BioTrials is prepared with innovative strategies to match the slow periods is key for its executives. Keeping an eye on what customers want and anticipating not only their needs and expectations, but those of regulators, helps Vantage BioTrials to take advantage of its lean business model and agile nature to provide the flexibility of swift market turnarounds. It’s this lean model that helps each client achieve quick results. When it comes to clinical trials, you want a company with trusted expertise to carry out high quality work, as quickly as possible and as efficiently as possible. Vantage BioTrials continues to excel in the field, working alongside clients to ensure they get what they need and that it’s perfectly adapted to their needs. Not just focused on making the sale, but the need to ensure that everyone gets an equal amount of care and attention is a credit to their ability to work alongside others. It’s no doubt a major contributor to their highly regarded nature in the industry. Contact: Viken Bartekian, Vice-President, Corporate Development Web Address: Telephone: +1-514-564-3466 Email: Founders of Vantage BioTrials: from left to right (Vahe Bartekian (VP of Quality Management), Viken Bartekian (VP of Corporate Development), Vatche Bartekian (President)