Issue 1 2020

26 Acquisition International - Issue 1 2020 Sep19181 stablished in 2013, Cloudnifier has expanded quickly and efficiently. What was once a Hong Kong operation now spreads across Asia, with offices in Taiwan, Singapore and China. More than 50 consultants form the backbone of the business, enabling it to work with organizations of all sizes and from any industry background. Cloudnifier could be a revolution for several companies, enabling its clients to take full advantage of what the cloud has to offer. Approved by Microsoft, Cloudnifier is able to advise with the knowledge of leading vendor technology, best-practice solutions and industry specific knowhow. The advantages that cloudnifying business processes and services can bring are numerous, with organizations given the ability to digitize their operations, automate the workflow and deliver profitable new innovations build on the basis of unprecedented connectivity. Through the use of sophisticated, analytics-based applications, organizations are able to enhance their business agility and maintain competitiveness to drive growth and meet ever-evolving market changes. This knowledge can be applied to a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, real estate and financial services to name but a few. Cloudnifier offers a selection of packages to give its clients the best opportunity to grow their business ventures. These are EduSmart, aimed at the education industry, LoyaltyPlus, which is aimed at generating more revenue from customers and finally MerchantPlus, targeted at achieving customer compliance at every step. Taking a closer look at MerchantPlus, this innovative tool seems perfectly placed to help manufacturers and sourcing companies monitor product lifecycles from samples to finished products. Helping to remove the complexity of client collaboration and documentation by allowing both parties to see the same documents at every stage of the process, MerchantPlus ensures compliance with customer requirements and promised service standards. As a package, MerchantPlus is able not only to improve communication, but boost productivity and controls costs. With controlled workflows that utilise the familiar format of Microsoft Office, predefined and standardized procedures guide users through the business process from start to finish. The ability to track all data in a project, intelligently associating emails and tasks with staff and customers, saves a great deal of time for users. Analysis is built on the information provided, and this can be used to calculate cost and risk controls for other projects of a similar nature. The use of a tailor- E As technology changes the ways in which we live and work, it’s important for businesses to keep on top of the developments and make steps to unleash the potential within. Providing cloud-based or cloud-related solutions, Cloudnifier stands above the rest – a beacon of modernity to those who could be left behind. We profiled this company to find out more. Head in the Cloud made mobile app allows staff to access the information they need wherever they are and whenever they are. They can also easily access details about customers in a private section. Finally, the low costs of a cloud-based server eliminate the need for major capital investment. A subscription-based model flexibly matches a budget plan with a pay-as-you-go offer. Many of the features run through all the packages mentioned above and are the basis on which much of Cloudnifier’s success lies. The advantages of cloud-based solutions are numerous. It’s clearly the way forward for most businesses in a world becoming ever more global and ever more focused on allowing access to all information everywhere. Cloudnifier, serving several clients, provides a critical service that will allow organizations to thrive in the future. As plans for expansion across the Asia Pacific build apace, we’re certain that Cloudnifier will continue to be a beacon for cloud-based solutions across the region. Contact: Keith Wu Company: Cloudnifier Web Address: Telephone: 00852 2337 2188