Year in Review 2019

20 Acquisition International - Year in Review 2019 Company: Gerloff Liebler Rechtsanwälte Contact: Christian Schmitt Website: eeply rooted in tradition and legal excellence, the work of Gerloff Liebler Rechtsanwälte has remained nothing short of outstanding since the firm’s beginnings many years ago. Throughout the firm’s history, the focus has always been on crisis situations, acting as insolvency administrators and advisors to both debtors and creditors as far back as 1982. The firm employs seven lawyers, two judicial officers, two business economists, one legal economist, and thirty other members of staff ranging from assistants to bookkeeping accountants. Standing tall amongst the firm’s considerable amount of exceptional talent is Dr Christian Gerloff, a specialist attorney for insolvency law. Undertaking his legal studies more than twenty years ago, Dr Gerloff has since refined his legal knowledge to offer clients only the best service when it comes to insolvency and bankruptcy services. After having studied at the prestigious Martin Luther University Halle- Wittenberg, Dr Gerloff then went to complete two state examinations in 1995 and 1998, before going on to work as a lawyer for an insolvency specialist law firm based in Leipzig. Just two years later in 2000, he then joined the team at Gerloff Liebler Rechtsanwälte as a lawyer, where he has since remained a resolute and expert member of the team. Just a few short years into his ongoing tenure at Gerloff Liebler Rechtsanwälte, he was appointed as insolvency administrator in 2003. Then, in 2007 to further enhance his already extensive knowledge, Dr Gerloff completed a doctorate at the University of Cologne, with a thesis that focused on insolvency law. Since then, Dr Gerloff has been appointed to several courts in southern Germany, as well as authoring numerous publications on insolvency law and regularly speaking at legal courses and conferences. Since being a key part of the team at Gerloff Liebler Rechtsanwälte, Dr Gerloff has been instrumental in overseeing a new era of success. As a highly competent individual himself, Dr Gerloff has been able to create a team of like-minded legal experts who are experienced, structured, dynamic, highly-motivated, flexible, agile, responsible, communicative, and perhaps most importantly, discreet. Always striving for pragmatic, economical, quick, and results-oriented solutions, both the firm’s and Dr Gerloff’s services are the perfect tool for any company in need of legal expertise for restructuring companies. Everybody involved with his insolvency work places high priority on openness and transparency for all parties involved, as well as transparent communications with all stakeholders. Throughout his time with Gerloff Liebler Rechtsanwälte, Dr Gerloff has been responsible for working with a multitude of different companies Bringing tradition and steadfastness, Gerloff Liebler Rechtsanwälte has been a pillar of the legal industry in Munich since the beginning of the 1980s. Home to Dr Christian Gerloff, AI’s Leading Bankruptcy and Insolvency Lawyer of the Year in Germany, the firm features in our Year in Review. We highlight Dr Gerloff’s continuing achievement of remarkable success in 2019, as we also look ahead to what the future brings in 2020. Leading German Lawyer D Oct19657 and clients from a wide variety of industries. From luxury fashion and solar landscapes for roofing projects, to chemical suppliers for steel production and original equipment manufacturers for the automotive industry, there is seemingly no end to the applicability of Dr Gerloff’s expertise in acting as insolvency administrator. It isn’t simply one role that Dr Gerloff and his team have acted as either, with each case often requiring a vastly different set of skills. Both the man and Gerloff Liebler Rechtsanwälte as a firm have been required to act as general representatives, insolvency administrators, trustees, and CROs, to name but a few. Dr Gerloff’s ability to deliver unparalleled levels of excellent service across a myriad of roles is a true testament to his legal expertise. Gerloff Liebler Rechtsanwälte has undoubtedly benefitted hugely from the expertise and leadership that Dr Gerloff has brought to the table, and both will continue to shine heading into a new decade of opportunity. With nearly twenty years of top-quality service and experience as an insolvency lawyer, there are few better equipped to handle all business insolvency and restructuring needs than Dr Gerloff and his team. Company: Gerloff Liebler Rechtsanwälte Contact: Christian Schmitt Website: