Worldwide Finance Awards 2023

24 | Acquisition International, Worldwide Finance Awards 2023 Best Financial & Trading Education Provider 2023 - Europe Everyone has what it takes to be a trader. No matter who you are, the ability is there, it may just need a little guidance to fully manifest. This is an ethos that Volume Trader Academy (Volume Trader) lives by. It recognises the potential of each individual clients, and does everything in its power to teach people how to become professional traders through its streamlined education services. We dig a little deeper to discover how. Contact: Marcus Schulz Company: Volume Trader Academy Web Address: Recognised by Forbes magazine as one of the leading trading experts within Europe, Marcus Schulz, Founder and CEO of training academy Volume Trader – which is consistently raising the bar when it comes to trading mentoring. Marcus’ experience and adept understanding of the trading sphere makes him a standout within Europe, and it all culminates in the largest trading training academy in the DACH region. Specialised in the field of volume trading, which is a unique branch of trading, Volume Trader acts as a means for the everyday person to recognise its benefits, and how to master the art themselves. It offers both new and advanced traders alike a comprehensive and effective education in how to best approach the volume trading sector, with the help of its plethora of incredible talented mentors. Volume Trader sees the value in providing people with information that’s bound to last them a lifetime, and implements this awareness into its courses. As expected from such a highly renowned company, Volume Trader is frequently praised for its excellence. This doesn’t simply apply to its services, but to the quality of education delivered by its masterful mentors. Volume Trader is acutely aware of the freedom that trading can bring to individuals who are looking to break away from a monotonous lifestyle, resulting in a company that genuinely wishes to see its clients succeed. Volume Trader loves its area of expertise, and has complied a mentorship scheme that fully conveys its avid devotion to the craft. What truly makes Volume Trader special is its incredibly simple formula. It emphasises the idea that every person has everything they need to become a successful trader, but they may not know it yet. It deconstructs trading into its fundamental parts, eliminating complexity and enhancing the accessibility of its teachings. The result is a company that eradicates the stigma that trading has to be complicated – no matter your background, you have it in you to become a professional trader. Volume Trader is at the forefront of proving this fact, and has already accomplished huge feats since its inception. Volume Trader is, by far, the most personal and comprehensive trader mentoring company in Germany. Its helpful team puts in the work from the moment it comes into contact with its clients, and immediately gets to work on increasing a successful outcome. However, despite its incredibly concentrated mentoring courses, Volume Trader also allows for full flexibility, as is the nature of trading. Furthermore, Volume Trader’s fine-tuned software allows it to take a much deeper look into the market through mapped volumes, and large volumes which are positioned in the market by institutions. Its software is something that Volume Trader stands by, as it continues to streamline its work. The software comes with many additional features to ensure every trading endeavour is met with an elevated level of expertise and a tool that can’t be faulted. If you’re looking to get into trading, whether you think you have what it takes or not, Volume Trader is there to guide you towards the right path. Its free consultation service acts as the starting point towards the biggest shift in your life, whilst uncovering whether or not trading is right for you. When all is said and done, Volume Trader cares about every person it interacts with, as opposed to only caring about the income that could be generated from them. It sees clients as people right from the get-go, and provides full support throughout each of its practises. This is made possible by its hard-working team of coaches who train each participant in additional training programmes. Volume Trader is an exceptional trading mentorship company that truly has the best interests of its clients at heart. It avidly seeks to spread the word about how incredibly lifechanging trading can be, and has yet to falter in crafting the traders of tomorrow. Its Founder and CEO, Marcus Schulz, is another reason why Volume Trader won its award in the Worldwide Finance Awards 2023. It is more than deserving of its title, and we’re eager to see where Volume Trader goes from here.