Worldwide Finance Awards 2023

Aug22499 22 | Acquisition International, Worldwide Finance Awards 2023 Jul23150 Best Financial Intermediary 2023 - Puglia ounded in 2017, Kredias deals with loans for families and businesses and is a point of reference for retirees, civil servants, private employees, and Italian SMEs. The firm offers the lowest rates on the market, enabling clients to access a subsidised loan that is easily repayable in small monthly instalments. Committed to supporting its clients, Kredias is a trustworthy, reliable, efficient, and dynamic firm that serves as an ideal partner to companies looking to achieve growth. Its team members are united by a common purpose, which is to serve and help customers make informed decisions by walking them through the different types of loans they can choose from. Its core values are integrity, transparency, and care. In everything Kredias does, the customer is the top priority. The firm operates based on a client-centric culture; staff are encouraged to take the unique needs of every individual or business into account and tailor services accordingly. They deal with all clients in a professional and friendly manner. In hiring, Kredias primarily focuses on attitude. The firm believes that every person has the potential to make a significant contribution to the company and its team, so it strives to recruit individuals with diverse backgrounds and opinions who will work well together. In recent decades, the Italian economy has been affected by poor economic growth and an increase in public debt. The country’s small- to medium-sized businesses are facing financial problems and failing to fulfil various commitments. This has had a negative impact on the credit system and driven an increase in non-performing loans. The situation is exacerbated by the increased cost of money imposed by the ECB to contain European inflation, the heightened cost of raw materials due to the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, and the impact of artificial intelligence on employment. Furthermore, the increased cost of money is causing serious harm to the retail and corporate markets, which has significantly reduced the demand for new loans. Despite the adverse circumstances, Kredias has continued to grow in the last year, performing well both in turnover and in market penetration by focusing on the provision of financial services to companies. To facilitate this, the firm has invested in the professional development of its team as well as operational digitisation to offer clients better services. This has ultimately allowed it to grow. In order to stay ahead of the curve in its industry, Kredias ensures that it remains open to change. This means that the company is always prepared to shed its skin and evolve if its situation suddenly changes, enabling it to make efficient decisions. Moving forwards, Kredias works to continue the growth it has experienced in recent years, serving as a reliable intermediary for families and businesses. In the next few years, the firm plans to engage in expansion by developing its skills and adopting new technologies. Through this, it will enhance its business and product offerings, deliver advanced online services, and ensure an improved client experience. As a result of its excellent customer service and its willingness to adapt and grow in the face of challenges, Kredias SpA has been awarded Best Financial Intermediary, Puglia, in the Worldwide Finance Awards 2023. We congratulate the firm on this achievement and look forward to seeing how it continues to grow in the years to come. Fabrizio Zaccaria, Sole Director at Kredias SpA, comments, “We have the ambition to make Kredias one of the most important credit intermediaries in Italy.” Contact: Fabrizio Zaccaria Company: Kredias spa Web Address: With more than 10 branches in Italy, Kredias SpA is a credit intermediary that works to provide business and personal loans to clients across the retail and corporate markets. The firm is equipped with a team of financial advisors who are committed to helping clients make the best decisions by comparing and explaining the different types of loans available to them. F