Worldwide Finance Awards 2023

Aug22499 18 | Acquisition International, Worldwide Finance Awards 2023 Jun23130 Best Business Loan Brokerage 2023 - Canada aving access to business funding is critical to enterprise growth and development. In the dynamic economies of North America, securing adequate financial resources empowers businesses to seize opportunities, innovate, and expand operations. Of equal importance to startups aiming to scale and established companies ready to pursue new market segments, business funding is pivotal to a whole host of initiatives. Hiring, infrastructure enhancement, product diversification, and investment in new technology help companies navigate the challenges of the ever-changing business landscape and remain competitive. Ontario-based company, Capital for Market is helping small business owners to improve their future outlook and move their businesses forward. Capital for Market tailors realistic solutions to meet its clients’ individual needs. Lord tells us, “As a boutique company serving a niche market, we’re passionate about helping our clients’ businesses grow. We enjoy thinking out of the box and finding creative solutions. Between us and our partners, we have over 500 years of combined funding experience – and plenty of firsthand experience running businesses. It’s important to us to stay ahead of the curve and we do that by listening to our clients and ensuring we help them meet their goals.” Working across all industries, Capital for Market understands the need for a quick and efficient turnaround. The company is often able to provide funds within 24 hours of receiving a completed application. As well as secured and unsecured loans, Capital for Market offers a commodity-buying service. Businesses are able to trade their commodities to obtain an injection of cash. Capital for Market buys agricultural commodities, industrial chemicals, manufactured goods, and metals. For businesses that import goods to Canada, Capital for Market offers a trade financing solution too. The company pays upfront for goods on behalf of its clients who can then repay the loan when the goods are sold in Canada. This system is perfect in its simplicity. It requires no additional security and does not interfere with existing bank lines of credit. With the growth of the finance industry and the demand for funding greater than ever before, Capital for Market has witnessed substantial growth in its own operation. Lord says, “We like to recruit people who have the passion and patience needed in this industry. Typically, they’ll start with us as a hybrid broker. This means they get a fixed income and a commission compensation package for the products they sell. But getting the right staff to fill new roles has been challenging. This has led to us automating many of our processes.” Looking to the future, Lord predicts that the advent of technologies such as AI will represent yet greater opportunities for growth. And Capital for Market is ready to support its clients as they move into this new age of technology. For more information, or to make an application, please visit the company website. Contact: Lord Christopher Company: Capital For Market Web Address: Capital for Market is Canada’s premier business loan brokerage. Working with businesses that are ready to expand or develop, the company serves a broad client base across Canada and the USA. Capital for Market partners with global funders to ensure its clients have optimal funding for growth. We chat with company director, Lord Christopher to find out more. H