Worldwide Finance Awards 2023

16 | Acquisition International, Worldwide Finance Awards 2023 Best Alternative Asset Management Advisory Firm 2023 – USA Founded in 2019, alternative asset management and advisory firm, Syzygy Investment Advisory (Syzygy) is a specialist in trend analysis working with sovereign wealth funds, family offices, pensions, and endowment funds. Taking into account factors such as economic growth, interest rates, inflation, and geopolitical events, the company aims to generate superior returns for its clients. Contact: William Callanan Company: Syzygy Investment Advisory Web Address: Thorough market analysis is fundamental to making wise investment decisions. Serving as a crucial compass, it guides investors through the complexities of the financial world. By delving deep into market dynamics, trends, and other influential factors, investors gain a comprehensive understanding of potential risks versus rewards. The analytical process uncovers hidden insights and avoids the penalties incurred by making hasty or uninformed decisions. Meticulous examination of the market provides a strategic approach to investment that’s weighted towards favourable outcomes. But analysing and interpreting the markets is an expert skill. When William Callanan left his role as senior managing director at investment firm, Key Square Capital Management, he founded Syzygy Investment Advisory. With over 20 years’ experience in fund management, William decided to do things a little differently. Having held posts such as Senior Strategist, then and Chief Investment Officer with Soros, Duquesne, Fortress and Rubicon, William knew there was a market for his particular brand of investment expertise. Offering market intelligence and analysis, investment advice, and structuring solutions, Syzygy pays special attention to the impact and effects of China’s actions on the global economy. As the exclusive advisory firm for nondiscretionary investment mandates, Syzygy’s approach to asset management is both innovative and unique. Not wanting to overwhelm clients with too many investment ideas, the company crafts a select few each year. Through a blend of themes, strategies, triggers, and frameworks, Syzygy supplies the necessary tools for clients to implement into their portfolios. The company offers the expertise of an experienced Chief Strategy Officer acting as an outsourced resource. Syzygy provides clients with valuable insights into CIOs and Investment Committees, focusing on factors like geopolitics, concentrated markets, and opportunities for joint investments. Syzygy also assists with financing evaluations and tailoring customised analyses. These services benefit clients who don’t have the in-house knowledge, research capabilities, or connections to fully explore and capitalise on their own ideas. By utilising its own leading research ecosystem, Syzygy is able to assimilate and analyse multiple investment trends and identify investment opportunities which are not obvious to the wider market. In this capacity, the company also acts as an independent source of validation for external investment ideas. By providing, or disproving, concepts using analytical data, clients are able to promote cross-fertilisation of ideas throughout their organisations. Having built a robust knowledge network, Syzygy also offers clients on-demand access to its expertise in the areas of credit, commodities, equities, interest rates, foreign exchange, and private equity. Placing its clients’ needs first, Syzygy helps create bespoke investment portfolios that include defined risk and reward payout structures. The company suggests flexible delivery mechanisms to suit each client’s needs. We may not be able to predict the future, but for those clients fortunate to work with Syzygy Investment Advisory, that may be a whole other story.