Worldwide Finance Awards 2023

12 | Acquisition International, Worldwide Finance Awards 2023 Best Corporate Advisory Group 2023 – Northern Ireland After retiring from his 34-year career, of which 25 were as a partner at PwC, John Hannaway established Hannaway Corporate Advisory (HCA) in 2013. HCA has grown and expanded over the years, enabling it to assist clients throughout all stages of their business cycle. We find out more as it is recognised in the Worldwide Finance Awards 2023. Contact: John Hannaway Company: HCA (Hannaway Corporate Advisory) Web Address: HCA’s growth has developed organically through responding to client demand for its services. This led to the formation of two specialised subsidiary companies, HCA Business Recovery and HCA Corporate Finance. However, it didn’t just end there as in 2022, the online bookkeeping specialist firm, Magic Beans, joined its group, expanding the services it could provide even further. The success that has made it possible for the firm to grow the way it has resulted from John’s four ‘P’ principles. HCA’s advice must be professional and practical, personal to the client’s unique needs, and delivered passionately. All staff members have these qualities and that attitude instilled into their approaches so that clients are always the main focus. When HCA began, all decisions made were based on servicing clients’ needs to the highest standard. To accomplish this, it purposely created its own staff structure that moved away from the traditional system and instead used a top-heavy approach. HCA has five directors each with their own specialism, and three Associate Directors enabling it to offer clients a level of expertise they would typically expect from a large firm. Through HCA, clients can access expert support in all business cycles through a wide range of services. Firstly, with HCA Chartered Accountants, its team can assist with audit, accountancy, and taxation compliance.. In addition, it also offers its expertise on Xero accounting, forensic accounting, expert witness, strategy, and taxation planning. HCA gets to know your business in detail in order to provide proactive advice and insight beyond meeting legal requirements. For example, in its taxation services, clients have access to a team of professionals with the knowledge and experience to ensure that you pay the least amount of the right amount of e tax as possible. It maximises the efficiency of your business, wealth, and legacy. Meanwhile, HCA Corporate Finance assists shareholders and management teams in preparing for the next event within their business cycle. Its highly focused approach means it understands its client’s aspirations and works with them to deliver an appropriately funded business plan. When facing difficult situations, you need to be supported; having the guidance of HCA Business Recovery can bring the most beneficial results for you and your business. Seeking to avoid formal insolvency wherever possible, HCA BR focuses on business turnaround. Its advisory services include financial health checks, business recovery, business turnaround, mentoring and board advice, corporate restructuring, performance improvement consulting, and much more. If formal insolvency services are required, HCA BR can facilitate individual, partnership and company voluntary arrangements, and provide administration, liquidation and nominee services, act as trustee in bankruptcy, and more. The broad network that HCA has established of senior banks, alternative lenders, venture capitalists, private equity firms, high-net-worth individuals, and corporate investors ensures that it can find the perfect solution that works with each client that seeks its services. It can advise con mergers and acquisitions, and provides private equity advisory, debt and capital advisory, financial and tax due diligence, and strategic advisory services. HCA’s latest addition, Magic Beans, offers on line real time bookkeeping and management accounts services to a wide variety of clients. Whether you are self-employed, run a small business, operate a charity, or have just begun your business journey, it provides its expertise to you and your business. . You can seek advice when you need it, and its team guides you to understand the meaning behind the numbers to help you make informed decisions that drive business growth. Regardless of the position you find yourself in, or the type of business you have, HCA has services to suit the needs of a wide range of clients. You can benefit from its expertise, helping you incorporate solutions, manage finances to grow your business strategically, and much more. We are delighted to share that HCA has received the title of Best Corporate Advisory Group 2023 – Northern Ireland. Head over to Hannaway Corporate Advisory’s website and learn how it can direct your business in a way you didn’t imagine possible – whether it’s managing your accounts to free up your time, assisting you during challenging situations, or acquiring or disposing of a business, its team of experts are dedicated to going above and beyond for you and your company.