Worldwide Finance Awards 2022

8 Acquisition International - Worldwide Finance Awards 2022 May22498 Best Mortgage & Refinance Brokers 2022 - Peel Region he Financial and Mortgage Services Centre Inc. is one of Ontario’s leading mortgage brokering teams, and it is entirely dedicated to providing the best results for its clients through supplying the information they need to make a well-informed decision on their mortgage financing needs. It boasts a team that has over 25 years of experience in the mortgage, banking, and investment sectors, and is, therefore, equipped to handle any request – large or small. As the Managing Director, Ahmed Jadallah knows first-hand what the company is capable of. Indeed, Ahmed, who is a seasoned Mortgage Broker and Banking expert, has experience spanning over the course of 22 years. Prior to his current role, he spent time at renowned financial institutions - Citibank, London Life, Royal Bank of Canada, and CIBC, to name a few – and acquired hands-on experience with mortgages, lending, investments, and day-to-day banking. He summarises The Financial and Mortgage Services Centre as, ‘experts in taking care of the financing details and shopping for the best mortgage options from several leading Canadian financial institutions on behalf of our clients.’ Of course, the industry is incredibly competitive, and in turn, maintaining this reputation is of the utmost importance. The necessity of this has only been bolstered by recent legislation introduced by the Canadian government. Ahmed explains, ‘The Government of Canada has introduced a set of rules and regulations in the past few years to control the rapidly increasing prices of residential units, however, this has made an adverse impact on a large segment of home buyers and real estate investors. In essence, the residential mortgage financing industry is currently heavily regulated especially with the interest rate stress test which made it challenging for many Canadian families and individuals to qualify for the needful home financing.’ This challenge has come accompanied with rapidly rising interest rates, which has further pushed potential buyers out of the running, as gaining a mortgage has become more of a dream than a reality. It simply is not affordable for many, and as a result, the demand for home purchasing has dropped remarkably. However, Ahmed believes that with the current influx of immigration to Ontario, and the increasing employment rate, this may change and the market is expected to start picking up in the next fall . As such, it is vital for The Financial and Mortgage Services Centre to remain ahead of industry trends. The Covid-19 pandemic truly amplified this notion, as Ahmed confirms, ‘, since Covid-19 popped T Mortgages can be complicated, but you don’t need to go through the process alone. The Financial and Mortgage Services Centre Inc., based in Ontario, is available to provide all the mortgage advice you could possibly need. Join us as we talk to the company’s Managing Director, Ahmed Jadallah, about what The Financial and Mortgage Services Centre Inc. has to offer… up in the world, many things have changed in our local market, most importantly clients’ face-to-face meetings were limited by Ontario Authorities for several months, this created a pressure on our industry to adapt to the new situation by investing even more in technology and employing new virtual secured meeting platforms and since we already had the needful tools in place, we were able to smoothly shift into the new era with minimal hiccups. This gave us an advantage over many mortgage broker teams in the market and made our service much more efficient and quick compared with other teams and offices.’ Consequently, the company’s market position has increased greatly, as it now boasts a plethora of benefits and advantages that its competitors do not possess. This has led to exceptional performance over the past year, with its team making over 30 million Canadian Dollars in residential mortgage financing sales in 2021. ‘Our business continued to thrive during the Pandemic and that was led by our clients’ loyalty and our ability to adapt to the new situation by giving our clients the comfort of meeting with us and signing the required paperwork virtually,’ Ahmed adds. The aforementioned team is The Financial and Mortgage Services Centre’s greatest asset – they are integral to the company’s success. Built upon the company’s solid belief in its business values, the team is supported by a set of core values, including the company’s approach of ‘lead on advice’ when working with clients. Such team members have undertaken a stringent training process which enables them to provide an accurate set of information to the clients so that they can make an informed decision. ‘This approach has positioned our firm to be amongst the first-togo mortgage financing brokers in our community and gave us an advantage over many other competitors in the marketplace,’ testifies Ahmed. ‘We are proud of our team’s continuing dedication and hard work to deliver quality service and clear communication to each one of our clients.’ These elements have driven The Financial and Mortgage Services Centre to a wealth of success; however, the company doesn’t plan on stopping. Instead, it envisions a future that is filled with more – more success, innovation, clients, and team members. By the end of 2023, the firm will be expanding into new areas, with potential locations like Oakville, London, Ottawa, and Hamilton on the cards. Contact: Ahmed Jadallah Company: The Financial and Mortgage Services Centre Inc. Web Address: