Worldwide Finance Awards 2022

Acquisition International - Worldwide Finance Awards 2022 5 stable through exemplary business management in the face of turmoil. Throughout, its own annual turnover never dropped below R1.2 a year – a substantial amount for a business of its size – and something that shows the exemplary nature of its bookkeeping by continued excellent function alone. Blessed with great clients and outstanding staff, it puts the impetus for its success on its people, all of whom have contributed to making it the business it is today. In short, the foundation of client-first operations has been held up in a brilliant manner by the professionals within its ranks and the clients who come to laud such services as exemplary, as many of them go on to recommend its efforts to peers and partners, allowing LAB to grow in a naturalistic and sustainable manner. In addition, being a family business, the families of the people who run and own LAB – Lana and Darren of the Benn family and Ina of the Gericke family – work together in a manner that allows for a family business with a more inclusive atmosphere than most. This is because at the very top of the business, different people and family structures exist, allowing for an empathic and understanding approach to the variety of different structures that exist within its customers organisations. Fundamentally, it has kept this as one of the main pillars of its business by maintaining an open-door policy amongst the founders and owners of the company, with each of the directors fostering open communication between themselves, their teams, and everyone on the payroll. This cultivates a happy and understanding environment in which its staff can do their best work, and LAB works hard to support them as much as it supports its clients as thanks for the quality of their efforts across the board. Furthermore, its staff are all people with a love of learning. Having built a company of people who share this attitude, it has brought people on board who have a true love for the field of accounting that goes beyond the quality of their education, taking a practical yet empathic approach that has brought LAB to great heights of accomplishment. Truly, LAB as a bookkeeping firm has come an exceedingly long way, and it predicts that this current growth spurt will only be in the beginning, having been approached by several new clients in order to help them get off the ground in the mining sector, a heretofore untapped industry for LAB. Proud of all it has achieved and excited for the milestones ahead, the finance sector can count on LAB to be one of the voices guiding it into the future. Company: LAB Outsourced Bookkeeping Services Contact: Lana Benn Website: