Worldwide Finance Awards 2022

Acquisition International - Worldwide Finance Awards 2022 41 May22098 Best Investment Manager 2022 - UK ounded in 2016, Marsham Investment Management is having a profound impact on the industry. The London-based firm was created to disrupt the often stale and outdated techniques used within fund management and instead provide innovative fund management services across several asset classes, as well as tailored externally managed accounts solutions. The firm’s core philosophy is based on offering unconstrained active investment management, supported by fundamental analysis and the use of innovative AI technology. Thanks to this approach, Marsham Investment Management helps its clients achieve their financial objectives, delivering superior returns over a prolonged period. The firm primarily focuses on the long-term prospects of its portfolio companies, as it believes that sustainability is one of the fundamental aspects of both a successful business and an investment strategy. However, as the industry is incredibly competitive, this alone is not enough to remain ahead of the competition. With this in mind, Marsham Investment Management has cultivated a creative approach of incorporating state-of-the-art technologies, including artificial intelligence, into its investment research processes. For example, Marsham Investment Management is pioneering the use of AI technologies to analyse ESG data on its portfolio companies. The firm uses an AI-powered ESG ratings platform, which provides comprehensive data on every public and private company globally, to identify Transitional Issuers and accurately monitor their adherence to sustainability goals over time. Additionally, Marsham Investment Management’s diverse team is a great asset to the company. The company endeavours to support inclusivity by hiring talented individuals from diverse backgrounds and championing a respectful and non-discriminatory working environment. This harmonious workplace enables the team to perform to the best of its ability and offer an exceptional and streamlined investment management service. The team works in cohesive manner with a client-centric approach, and consistently goes above and beyond to exceed their targets. The industry, particularly within Europe, is currently facing several challenges. As inflation rises and the economy shrinks, the continent finds itself in a unique position. After using short-term, temporary solutions to mask the significant issues, it is now clear that these measures have been an artificial way of keeping the economy going, rather than reviving it. Marsham Investment Management believes that one way of boosting the continent’s economic success would be through transition to sustainable energy sources. This would not only F Over the past six years, Marsham Investment Management has blossomed to become one of the UK’s leading investment management firms. Benefiting from an exceptional team and the latest AI-powered technology, the company is heading towards an even greater and more sustainable future. offer considerable economic value, but also benefit the environment and create thousands of sustainable jobs. Six years after its creation, Marsham Investment Management is in an outstanding position. The firm is pioneering transitional issuers approach in fixed income, seeing the sustainability cycle to create momentum for the companies embracing environmental change. By 2050, the volume of capital dedicated towards ESG is estimated to reach $275 trillion, and the main beneficiaries of this capital reallocation will likely be industrial companies that are transitioning to more sustainable operations. Marsham Investment Management’s overarching strategy, and its Transitional Issuers funds in particular, are very well-placed to benefit from this in the coming years. Contact: Maria Lozovik Company: Marsham Investment Management Web Address: