Worldwide Finance Awards 2022

38 Acquisition International - Worldwide Finance Awards 2022 May22136 Best Business Credit & Financing Solutions Provider - Wisconsin 020 was, to say the least, an interesting year. It was the year in which the true reach and implications of the Covid-19 pandemic would be unveiled, California would experience a record-breaking wildfire season, and tensions rose during the United States Presidential Election. Underneath such pressures, businesses across the nation suffered. However, on the horizon was the founding of Creditguymke LLC, a company designed to alleviate the financial strains on businesses. Indeed, Creditguymke came to fruition in 2020 as a way to assist small business owners in obtaining capital to scale their businesses. It’s safe to say that these financing solutions could not have come at a better time. Covid-19 is still ravaging small businesses – not only in the United States, but across the globe – and this is particularly prevalent in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where Creditguymke is based. Furthermore, the turbulence has reached the company’s New York clients, greatly impacting their companies. As such, Creditguymke offers solutions that are not linked to its clients’ personal credit. As a result, businesses can acquire funding no matter what the owners’ personal financial situations may be. In essence, whether the business is a startup, the owner has poor credit, or have no collateral, Creditguymke can supply funding in under 72 hours – even if the client has been rejected by other service providers. Prospective clients can discover the right option for them through a free business credit and financing consultation. To ensure that these solutions are of a premium quality, the company’s founder, Lamont Smith, strives to attend a plethora of conferences and events surrounding banking and finance. In turn, through his expertise, Creditguymke is able to remain on the cutting edge of all industry advancements. Moreover, Lamont, who recently received an Honorary Doctorate in Philosophy in Business and Entrepreneurship, is open with his knowledge, and in turn, is open to gaining knowledge. This trend is seen throughout the Creditguymke team, as each team member boasts industry expertise and excellent customer service skills. Additionally, there is a strong sense of empowerment that radiates throughout the team, and this stems from the company’s creation of a happy and healthy working environment. Creditguymke pays its team well, enables effective communication, and perhaps most importantly, it lets its employees have a voice. 2 Creditguymke is an ambitious and innovative answer to the ongoing issues within business and finance. Indeed, founded during a period of enormous difficulty, the company strives to push businesses and their owners towards their dreams. Further, it has plans to enter the community and dig into helping individuals boost their credit scores. Consequently, Creditguymke has big plans going forward, with many centring around the betterment of the community that surrounds it. The company plans to create a greater range of seminars on business credit and funding. In addition, Creditguymke is on a mission to assist inner-city Milwaukee, to help bring the average credit score up. As of 2022, the average credit score for Milwaukee County is 633. Contact: Lamont Smith Company: Creditguymke LLC Web Address: