Worldwide Finance Awards 2022

Acquisition International - Worldwide Finance Awards 2022 27 May22060 Most Dedicated Accountancy Firm - South London outh London’s premium accountancy firm, Xplus London Limited, was founded in 2013 and has since gone on to win dozens of awards. Indeed, the highly decorated firm is recognisable for its devotion to its clients, crafting bespoke financial solutions that seamlessly fit into the clients’ individual situations. Xplus London Limited has always prioritised this aspect of the business. Consequently, the firm has attracted a loyal clientele that truly appreciates Xplus London Limited’s approach – and this is the primary reason for the company’s success and subsequent expansion. To these clients, the company offers a diverse range of services, such as Accountancy, Auto Enrolment, Bookkeeping, Business Consultancy Services, Company Secretarial Services, Payroll, SelfAssessment, Tax Services, and Vat Services. These services have S Xplus London Limited has devoted itself to remaining on top of the industry’s trends, implementing advanced methods in order to continuously provide an excellent service to its clients. Not only is the company client-centric, but it is also community oriented, and throughout the upcoming year it will be offering apprenticeships and internships to aid young people hoping to enter the field. been carefully designed in order to best benefit the company’s clients. For example, Xplus London Limited’s experience in the development of bookkeeping, and forecasting ensures that processes are fulfilled to an exceptional standard. These are a small selection of the traits that have propelled Xplus London Limited to the forefront of the industry. However, there are other significant contributors that deviate from the company’s core values. Advertising, social media, and events all play a fundamental role in Xplus London Limited’s success – one that is increasingly important in the digital age. Through utilising these advancements, the firm is able to remain on top of the trends in the industry. Over the years, the finance world has evolved greatly. Gone are the days in which paper documents and manual work were exercised; instead, firms are turning to digitisation. Especially in the postpandemic era, digitisation has become an imperative in order to remain profitable and efficient. The implementation of digital methods has largely been in the response to customer trends. Consumers no longer value, but rather ease of use, speed, and personalisation, and unless institutions want to maintain market share, they will need to take on board technology that meets those needs. Xplus London Limited cites this as a challenge for many, noting that the increase cybercrime is becoming a new threat to the industry. However, for the company, over the past few years, this challenge has come second to that of the Covid-19 pandemic. The crisis forced the company’s offices to close for approximately three months, and upon the team’s return to the office, Xplus London Limited had a new host of issues to face. Due to safety reasons, the firm had fewer staff and much more work to deal with, and for its clients, the pandemic impacted their businesses and caused them to close. In spite of these challenges, Xplus London Limited was able to come out the other side bigger and better. Henceforth, the future of Xplus London Limited is filled with an abundance of plans. The company’s primary plan is to develop further and open offices around South London to cater to growing businesses in and around the city. Moreover, the firm is currently offering apprenticeships and internships to those interested in entering the industry. Contact: Abdul Rashidi Company: Xplus London Limited Web Address: