Worldwide Finance Awards 2022

Acquisition International - Worldwide Finance Awards 2022 13 Thus, WLTH is looking forward to seeing what it can do to address these, catering to some of the most profitable segments in the broker market that have previously gone unaddressed by such innovators, both showing that it can be done and that there is a huge demand out there for such things. Its growth spurt certainly supports this, as WLTH has been able to go from strength-to-strength by providing a complete, holistic, and comprehensive financial ecosystem for its customers, one that isn’t restricted to one type of customer, but supports all manner of transactional needs. Its solid upward trajectory has been something truly impressive to witness, and it is something that its peers and wider market have been watching with great interest. Indeed, in the past 12 months, its loan book has been increasing exponentially, and as it has opened its doors to more brokers, it has also been able to expand to embrace new customers in the form of Australians who need a better rate with their mortgage. Excited and enthusiastic about helping such people, its staff – all of whom know the company and market like the back of their hands – are always ready and willing to help, talking a client through their options and providing the best possible service in the process. Therefore, it looks for people who fit in with its customer-first ethos when hiring, something that has allowed it to cultivate a truly incredible team of selfless professionals. Hiring primarily through the recommendations of existing employees, it has developed an internal culture of trust, diligence, and respect, one that promises to foster its continued growth long into the future. Acquiring market share from the Big 4 banks, creating valuable partnerships, and working hard to become the innovation transactional service of the future, it invites clients and peers alike to ‘watch this space’ as its trendsetting promises to further change the industry for the better. Company: WLTH Contact: Brodie Haupt Website: