Worldwide Finance Awards 2021

Acquisition International - 2021 Worldwide Finance Awards 8 Acquisition International - 2021 Worldwide Finance Awards Restructuring Solutions Experts of the Year 2021 – Republic of Ireland harlemont Capital Solutions’ goal is simple: to create value for its clients and at the same time provide a courteous, expedient and professional service of the highest calibre. The industry is constantly changing, and the company is always evolving as the requirements of its clients change and opportunities emerge. The company provides services to a growing client base of banks, insurance companies, asset management and other financial services organisations. Recent successful assignments include: • Leading the financial due diligence for a major US law firm entering the Irish market • Advising an international life assurance group on the re-structuring of its Irish sub-group • Project managing the resolution of the North American structure of an Irish bank. 2022 looks set to be another busy year for Charlemont Capital Solutions, the COVID-19 pandemic triggered the deepest global C economic recession in nearly a century, in common governments across the globe the Irish government responded with a package of financial support measures which together with creditor forbearance has to this point prevented a wave of corporate insolvencies. However many commentators are predicting a sharp rise in the number of corporate insolvencies in 2022, when a clearer picture of the full impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the Irish economy will start to emerge. To its credit, the Irish government has taken bold and decisive pre- emptive action in the shape of the Companies (Small Company Administrative Rescue Process) Act 2021 (the Act), which became law in July 2021. The Act amended the provisions of the Companies Act 2014 to introduce the most radical changes to insolvency law in the Republic of Ireland since 1990, when the Examinership process was introduced to prevent the imminent collapse of the Goodman Group of Companies in the wake of the export ban on Irish beef to Iraq during the first Gulf War (the impact for the wider economy would have been catastrophic due to the strong agricultural bias at the time). Under the Act, a stand-alone rescue framework was introduced for small and micro companies, which represent 98% of the companies in Ireland. The process, similar to the Examinership process, offers an alternative to a creditors’ voluntary liquidation for companies with a strong underlying business but considered insolvent as a result of being burdened by an unsustainable level of debt. Commenting on the changes and the award David Russell said “Despite the introduction of the Small Company Administrative Rescue Process sadly many small & medium sized businesses will fail during 2022 a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Charlemont Capital Solutions will strive to become the market leader in providing corporate rescue solutions for small and micro companies, helping businesses get back on their feet as the country emerges from COVID-19. We are also expecting to see an uptick in restructuring and semi-distressed M&A activity and, in particular, transactions fuelled by large amounts of unspent private equity, along with industry consolidations across Europe. We are thrilled to be recognised in the Acquisition International World Finance awards. It is a true testament to the high quality of service we provide to our clients.” Founded in 2015 by Managing Director, David Russell, Charlemont Capital Solutions Ltd is a company focused on providing corporate insolvency and restructuring solutions. Its experience and commitment to excellence is the key to the company’s success, and it appreciates that one solution does not fit every client and strives to provide innovative bespoke solutions, earning it a reputation as a leader in its field. May21774 Company: Charlemont Capital Solutions Ltd Contact: David Russell Email: Website: Company: Syzygy Investment Advisory Contact: William Callanan Most Innovative Asset Management Solution 2021 – USA Most Innovative CEO 2021: William Callanan – USA o achieve its goal, Syzygy is keenly focused on monitoring markets and individual securities with an eye to identifying investment opportunities created by marketing discontinuities, disruptions, and misevaluations. These special situations may arise on the macro or micro level, whether with regard to a market, sector, or individual security. Syzygy brings a unique business model to the investment management industry. It develops a limited number of investment ideas per year, combining the themes, frameworks, triggers, and sequencing with the deliverable instruments required for expressing the ideas in asymmetric formats in clients’ portfolios. The firm also offers investment due diligence, while pursuing bespoke analysis for its unique clients who lack internal expertise, research resources, contacts, or investment perspective to fully explore and monetise their investment ideas. It also provides clients with an outsourced Chief Strategy Officer function, a dedicated and intensely experienced architect and curator of research, who offers CIOs and Investment Committees situational awareness and trade expressions. In this capacity, the advisory firm also acts as an independent source of validation and/or invalidation of themes and investment ideas, which allows for cross fertilisation of ideas across clients’ organisations. Company CEO, William Callanan is a veteran of the investment management industry, specialising in identification and monetisation of structural changes in long-term macro-economic trends. He is best known for his efforts as portfolio manager, analyst, and investment strategist, having worked for some of the most high-profile macro hedge funds in the business, including Soros Fund Management, Fortress Investment Group, and Stanley Druckenmiller’s Duquesne Capital. T In 2019, he left his role at Key Square Capital to start Syzygy Investment Advisory. An astronomy buff, Callanan named the firm after an astrological term for the alignment of three celestial bodies. Callanan opted to structure Syzygy as an investment advisor rather than an investment management firm because of headwinds facing hedge funds. He told FT at the time: “This is endemic of where the industry is going. We tell people when the investment becomes attractive, and “here’s the decision you could make”.” It also seemed to suit clients more. The client experience being its top priority, Syzygy focuses on 10 to 15 close relationships with those who run large, long-duration pools of capital, while spending 90% of its time on research to create time-, cost-, and capital-efficient solutions. “Our goal is not to be something for everyone, but to be a lot for a few,” Callanan said. Syzygy Investment Advisory is an award-winning investment advisory firm focused on helping investors navigate volatile modern markets. Its goal is to provide investment management services which help its clients realise superior performance over the long-term. May21764