Worldwide Finance Awards 2021

Acquisition International - 2021 Worldwide Finance Awards 10 Acquisition International - 2021 Worldwide Finance Awards SME Employer Advisory Firm of the Year - Canada eninsula Employment Services Limited is a consultancy business that serves small to medium sized businesses across Canada. With a 24/7 advice hotline that is ready and waiting to help customers at any hour of the day, exemplary employment documentation that will help make their transition into their next career change as smooth as possible, updates on legislation changes, and outstanding HR software and legal assistance. Initially, Peninsula started in Manchester in 1983. From its humble beginnings as a small business, the idea for what it provides came from founder Peter Done and his own personal experience with not being able to find good expert employment advice when it was most needed. Peter Done was the one who instilled the core values of support for small business owners into Peninsula, facilitating an atmosphere of encouragement for owners and staff alike. Moreover, since Peninsula P opened in Canada in 2017, it has held to these values that suffused the original business, ensuring that all who come across it can have access to encouragement, support, and advice that will provide them with the aid they need to manage any employment worries or situations. Therefore, it now offers business support, HR and health, and safety to Canadian businesses – even more so since the pandemic hit – with employers in need of more advice than ever when it comes to implementing the correct safety measures that will fall in line with ever-fluctuating guidelines. It is simply part of its dedication to keeping its finger on the pulse of legislative and municipal changes, after all. Peninsula, in essence, considers it an honour to be able to help its clients in this way, glad to be able to provide the guiding hand they need during unprecedented times. Peninsula in this way puts itself head and shoulders above its market segment with the service package it offers, proficient in a wide range of services that no other HR consultancy can manage with such sophistication thanks to its excellent teamof expert minds. Additionally, Peninsula’s constant commitment to evolution has allowed it to grow and develop alongside the needs of its market segment to ensure that it remains competitive and is always adapting to them, forever developing numerous new tools and features for its BrightHR software that allows for the easy completion of administrative tasks. From older features to the newly incorporated, users can expect thorough onboarding and help, especially with its newer features like the Back to Work Navigator and VaccTrak. Being one among many companies hit hard by the aftermath of the pandemic, Peninsula had to move its entire team along to remote working in a matter of weeks, something that became a huge technical challenge – but one it rose to with tenacity. The diligence with which it responded allowed it to pull through, opening a new office in Vancouver in March of this year. Peninsula believes that this, first and foremost, is what has made it the success it is, thanking its team accordingly by ensuring that they have access to top level support and engagement with their ideas and perspectives at work, never disregarding someone’s thoughts and encouraging a good work-life balance as priority. It thus plans to continue this as it expands even further, using its most recent branches in Alberta and British Columbia as springboards. An exemplary consultancy service that has made a name for itself with its consistent and outstanding support of both clients and employees, Peninsula Employment Services Limited’s move into Canada has spurred on a new growth period for the business. Offering a more comprehensive service roster than any other HR consultancy company and emboldened by its dedication to innovation, its current expansion shows no signs of slowing. May21834 Company: Peninsula Employment Services Limited Contact: Kristina Vassilieva Website: Company: MyFunds Office Contact: Jerome Glodas Website: Best Third-Party Investment Fund Distributor - Europe aving found its start in 2009, French company MyFunds Office has perfected its solutions of representing marketing companies. Serving this market segment, it has developed exemplary and industry-leading services that allow its clients to stand head and shoulders above their competition, offering everything from the outsourcing of their sales force to designs for their marketing and communications tools. Fundamentally, MyFunds Office even offers the analytical, strategic, technological, competitive, economic, and territorial intelligence research into investment funding for a client, allowing them complete peace of mind as they navigate the distribution process. MyFunds Office makes itself a trusted partner to its clients by working with them as a third-party contributor. Its impartial, expertly crafted work will always focus on what’s best for the client as its utmost priority, providing clients with comprehensive support and an outstandingly informed guiding hand that enables them to make the best decisions for their business and with confidence. Additionally, it is important to MyFunds Office that it can offer financial products with high added value for its end customers. It knows how important financial acumen is in its field, and so has made itself a leading voice in the financial sector in order to lend its clients an intensive depth and breadth of information, especially regarding the detection of new products that both optimise performance and respect the client’s risk profile. In this manner, discretion is key – as is the technical knowhow that makes this possible. Each team member of MyFunds Office brings a flawless level of their own knowledge to the table when handling clients and their requests, made possible by the high-level academic background in finance and significant experience in asset selection that each of them possesses. It builds strong, long-term relationships with partners in this way. Furthermore, it builds and cultivates strong connections with its partner management companies with the only caveat that one criteria be met; the partner management company must be their ability to generate added value for its investors, as a clear ‘show don’t tell’ H display of its commitment to the client. Due to this and many more other exemplary factors, many management companies have trusted MyFunds Office for over 7 years, and are a big part of what has allowed it to enjoy such a spurt of growth since its inception. By creating the reputation for trust, reliability, and diligence across the board, it has made itself the independent wealth management advisor of choice for a wide diversity of clientele, many of whom go on to recommend it to friends, family, and co-workers thanks to the brilliance with which it handles its work. MyFunds office will always support a client in the selection and monitoring of their investment funds, with the possibility of benefitting from its MyFunds Label every year – it even offers its status as a privileged interlocutor in its Institutional Investment solution, giving clients access to the managers of different management companies. In this way, it can support its clients in the referencing, registration, and launching procedures for new media, and is excited to continue doing so for its 5000 clients across its offices in Paris, New York, Geneva, and Madrid as it moves ever- onwards into its future. Emboldened by a stunning team – including an exemplary marketing department and sales department –that allows it to help its clients navigate fund distribution comprehensively and empathically, MyFunds Office has made itself a force to be reckoned with. By making itself a unique partner to its client’s businesses, it ensures that they have access to the tools and advice they need regarding financial management, enabling them to take the next steps towards their own success. Jun21052